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Typekit collaboration – Adobe Web Fonts

Are you looking for more font options for displaying text on your website?

Adobe is offering its Web fonts via typekit services where hundreds of fonts are available for usage.  More information of these services can be read at

  1. Introductions about the service
  2. Typekit blog about Adobe partnership

Wider fonts range for better content display selection and easy search-ability by engines!Share on Facebook

Fw or Ps effects mapping flexibility

Fireworks CS5 allows for better importing of psd files.

There is one small feature which is overlooked by many people that the effects in the psd file can be converted to native Fireworks effects or matained as Ps effects. In both the cases the attributes for these affects can be edited individually and independentaly.

How to map the effects while the import/open of psd.

Goto Preferences and check the following option shown:

Once the preferences have been edited, open the psd file with the following custom option in the import/open dialog:

Once this done, ex: a drop shadow with PS effects will be converted to drop shadow of Fireworks. There could be a rendering difference and depends on the designer to use the best of both worlds.

This is a feature which is not engineered for CS5 but exists from version CS4 onwards.Share on Facebook