Opening psd files in Fireworks

Many designer and users of Fireworks report of getting psd files from their team members and agencies. I feel that the best way to open a psd file in Fireworks would be via the most flexible option which also needs you to understand the basic terminology of features used by designers of Ps to create the psd file.

This is due to the reason of non availability of features like Adjustment Layers, clipping masks and more. This should not limit the other objects which can be opened into Fireworks with full editing capabilities, like the shape layers are vectors within Fw which can allow for edit in fill, stroke and other filters applied to it.

The best way, I feel to use this flexibility is to “Custom Settings from Preferences” setting from the Open/Import dialog which is brought up while interacting with a psd file.

The preference settings of what is mapped from Ps to which feature in Fw is defined via the following preference screen option. You will have to try some options to get familiarity but I feel it is also the best option.Customize the settings and see which is best option to work with your psd files in Fireworks. There is an interesting preferences related to filter mapping as well.

NOTE: If anyone is willing to share a psd file, I could show up the results via different preference settings.Share on Facebook