PNG-8 export color palette issues?

Are you running into the issues with color palette not using all the 256 colors when exporting as PNG -8 file format?

If yes, can you share the Fireworks PNG source files  and the export settings?Share on Facebook

3 Responses to PNG-8 export color palette issues?

  1. Armand says:

    Uhhh, finally someone acknowledges the issue.
    I’ll try to find a real-world file, but generally speaking I get the issue when the image contains gradients, export is 8bit, 256 colors, Adaptive palette and alpha transparency (doesn’t seem to happen as often if no transparency is selected).

    To clarify, in these cases, Fw creates a palette with something like 40-60 colors and some ugly banding, even though it should generate 256 colors.

    And since we’re on the subject, I found that the Perceptual algorithm in Photoshop always produces superior results. Maybe you can implement it in Fw…

    Is there a way to send sample files directly to you?


    there are the files with their own description.

    i use fw to export psd files into a png 8 with 256 colors and it works great for me

  3. Scott Cranfill says:

    With all due respect, were the repeated discussions we all have had, with source files posted, in the product forum at and in the pre-release forum, not enough?

    I don’t wish to be rude, but this is such a common workflow issue for me and many other people that has gone uncorrected for so long that it’s hard for me to keep a cool head. But, I am grateful it’s finally getting some attention, and if it will help, I will make some more sample files for you.

    Generally speaking though, Armand is right. Create any arbitrary linear gradient with more than 256 colors, then try to export as PNG 8. It will, I guarantee, default to an adaptive palette that does not use all 256 available color slots. As long as the number of colors is 256 or less, then Exact works just fine, but if Adaptive is selected (by choice or necessity), the algorithm unnecessarily eliminates colors.