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Fireworks feedback: HTML and CSS export

Thank you for the feedback on feature requirements for Fireworks CS next version. There have been many big feature requests, enhancements and workflow improvements.

We understand it as a positive feedback as the Fireworks community believes in the team to make it an even better application with every new release. One feature which stood out from all the feedback was improvements in HTML and CSS export. Currently Fireworks is equipped to export code in a table format and Fireworks CS3 release introduced the export of CSS along with HTML.

  1. What are the specific areas you would like to see worked upon?
  2. Would you like Fireworks generating code which can be used for direct deployment to web hosts?
  3. What are your thoughts on the whole buzz of HTML5 and CSS3 code generation?
  4. Would you like to create a widget, skin it and get the CSS1/2/3 code available for use in some app like Dreamweaver

We are looking for very specific workflow and feature feedback for deeper analysis and investigations by the team.Share on Facebook

Next version of Fireworks CS5 requirements?

It has been a while since Fireworks CS5 was launched. We are trying to understand the use of the release and know your feedback.

If there are only 5 things that could be improved or enhanced in the current version, what would be your priority?  You could mention a feature request, bug fix, workflow enhancement or any other change which will make you happier than ever before.

We are listening and looking for your feedback. Please prioritize your 5 asks to help us focus better. Thanks in advance.Share on Facebook

Fireworks CS5 Ask a CS Pro session by David Hogue

David Hogue is going to present a “Ask a CS Pro” session on Fireworks CS5 for designers and developers on Wednesday, Oct 20th,  1pm PDT.

If you are new to Fireworks, just upgraded from an older version, a developer who uses it for image slicing and optimization, or a designer who uses other tools and wants to know what Fireworks is all about, join us for an interactive online discussion where we will highlight some of the new features and lesser known features of Fireworks.


David M. Hogue – Vice President of Interaction Design, Fluid, Inc., San Francisco Dave has been using Fireworks since 1999. He is an applied psychologist, interaction designer, adjunct faculty at SFSU in the Multimedia Studies Program, co-manager of the San Francisco Adobe User Group for Web Design (Fire On The Bay for Fireworks, Catalyst, and Dreamweaver) and a regular writer and speaker about interaction and experience design, design process, and Fireworks.Share on Facebook

Dreamweaver CS5 and HTML Validator

Dreamweaver users have been reporting that the HTML Validator feature removal from CS5 release version was something they had not expected. It is a feature they have been used to while their development process.

The feature was removed from the product but it can be brought back into Dw CS5 version by installing this extension from exchange. Once installed, the extension will make the feature in CS5 as it was working in version CS4.

FEEDBACK APPEAL: If there is something that you would like to see improved in the current HTML validator, the comments section below is awaiting for you.Share on Facebook