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Merry Christmas and happy new year 2011

Wishing you all a merry Christmas eve and an enjoyable holiday season. Have a good time with friends and family. Lets come back in 2011 and solve new challenges of web designing and development.

This is Sarthak signing off for 2010 with this last post. See ya all in 2011 now!Share on Facebook

Fireworks CS5 and Selection tool not working?

There was a error reported by multiple users of Fireworks CS5 on the Adobe support forums, the selection tool stops working!
This is something which I assume would be a real pain for designers specially for Fireworks since the selection is everything.

some of them investigated further and found that Spotify was somehow causing this issue. Another user reported that “Once i disabled media keys on grooveshark desktop helper the problem was fixed”

This is just a caution as we are investigating it further. I guess the apps are no longer happy to co-exist at the moment on Mac.
We have found that the issue is not limited to just CS5 version and exists in CS4 as well.


The Spotify Team released a a Preview build that incorporates Joachim’s fix and should solve this issue.

You can download it here

It worked for me and a lot of people too.

Enjoy your music inspired workflow!
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Creating a mobile optimized website using Dreamweaver

A 34 minutes video showing how to use Dreamweaver to create a website optimized for mobile experience.

  1. How are you creating such websites for mobile versions?
  2. What is your workflow?
  3. Do you reuse existing assets or there is a completely new set for smaller screens?
  4. How about the layout and content handling for smaller screens?

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Thank you all for participating in Dw event

On behalf of all the people I thank all the designers and developers who came over for a good discussion. The event was a big hit which was held on Nov 27, 2010 a big hit.

There were sessions around

  1. Dw CS5 introduction
  2. Media queries and CMS advantages
  3. BrowserLab
  4. Business Catalyst
  5. Widget Browser

All the sessions led to good insightful discussions helping us understand more of user issues and how Adobe can help iron out issues making their workflow more efficient. I was a little unhappy with people who had confirmed and did not turn up.

I am sure they missed something which would have helped them grow their business. One user quoted “After the last session we got more than 40% of our projects in html also”. It was wonderful to hear when users can grow their business leveraging the true potential of Adobe solutions.

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Annotations panel for Fireworks CS5

David Hogue and Mariano Ferrario have build an Annotations panel for Fireworks CS5. The extension can be downloaded as a free lite version and full paid ($1.99)version form their website.

“The annotations panel is an easy to use command panel that helps you increase the efficiency of annotating wireframes (adding notes) within your Fireworks document (CS5 Only).

The panel allows you to add numeric bubbles to your document and associate a corresponding message with each annotation. The annotation panel then allows you to export your document along with all of your annotations in multiple file formats.”

It is an extension which is sure to increase your efficiency. This also exposes the powerful extensibility layer embedded within Fireworks app.

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