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Multiscreen designing using Fireworks?

Do you design for different devices (mobiles, smart phones, tablets, any other?) using Fireworks? What is the workflow you follow and what the current limitation in them? I am assuming that people are already using Fireworks for mobile designing when I look at examples like this one.

I can lead you into some question to understand your style or working and understand the limitations. The below first set of questions give an idea of the assets and their layout across different screen sizes.

  1. Do you design for only one screen size and then move onto a new screen size from ground zero?
  2. If you design for multiple screen, how do you reuse the assets? (Symbols?)
  3. In case you are designing for multiple screen sizes and the assets are being re-used, how do you layout the design depending on the screen sizes? (Nine slice scaling?)

The second set of questions will help me understand the resolution differences are handled during designing phase

  1. Desktop screen is generally set at 72dpi resolution whereas the device resolutions are far higher. How do you visualize the resolution differences when designing on a desktop for a tablet or mobile screen?
  2. Once the design is done, how do you see the end result? Emulate it on the desktop or host the  file and browse to it from the device?
  3. Which fonts do you generally use for multi screen designing? Does the desktop screen rendering give a font render

Once the designing is done and needs to be shown to the client, how does that happen?

  1. Do you look for some interactions which might help you win the deal?
  2. How do you currently explain the state change on gestures and other touch sensitive actions?

If you think I am going in a direction of my own, please feel free to correct me and explain how real world wireframing, prototyping, designing, interaction designing for different screen is done.

During the feedback it will be good to help me understand your workflow with the missing pieces you expect to be present to make your lives easy. Any suggestions on improvements in the existing feature set in this context is welcome.


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