Adobe announces CS5.5 – mid cycle release

Adobe announces mid cycle release for the first time which is a significant update to Creative Suite 5. You can find more in-depth details of why this move and how it will help you at

There is a significant update to Dreamweaver fostering Adobe’s commitment to HTML5 and CSS3, strong integration with jQuery and native app publishing from PhoneGap.

Fireworks has got some long standing customer related bugs fixed with this update.

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4 Responses to Adobe announces CS5.5 – mid cycle release

  1. Christina says:

    Excellent news!

  2. Charlie Hayes says:

    Where can we get details on the Fireworks fixes? I don’t see Fireworks as being one of the 5.5 updated products and the Fireworks support site doesn’t list any updates since May of last year.

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      For Fireworks CS5.5 details, please find comprehensive updates here

      I will dive deep into each them in future here.

  3. Ryan says:

    Will the Fireworks bug updates be available to CS5 users?