Dreamweaver CS5.5 help is live

What is new in Dreamweaver CS5.5 can be found at the adobe.com product page.

If you want to know more details of what the feature details are and how they can help you in creating multi-screen designs and native application using Phone Gap or the tight integration with jQuery, please goto the help link at help.adobe.com/en_US/dreamweaver/cs/using/index.htmlShare on Facebook

One Response to Dreamweaver CS5.5 help is live

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m having some serious issues with Dreamweaver CS5.5. It simply will not publish anything to anywhere. When I save my site settings, absolutely nothing happens. It just doesn’t save, ever. It keeps telling me I have no site definition, no matter what I put in or where I put it. I cannot publish my site, which is a huge problem for me, as I need to launch some new pages ASAP. Could I please get some help?