Fireworks CS5.1 Part 4: FXG changes


Working with FXG files export from Fireworks and running into issues specially around symbols? Following are the changes done for Fireworks CS5.1 release

  1. Empty text was leading to FXG not getting generated. Now the exception has been handled and similar issue fixed for CSS and Images also
  2. Better naming of symbols when exported as FXG.
    • When symbol names have special characters in it like “$”, a new name written in .fxg file is “sym” for better usability
    1. Incase there are multiple symbols in your Document Library with same name (e.g Fireworks), then the FXG “Definition name” tag will now be written as <symbolName_number> e.g:  names is like “Fireworks”, Fireworks_1” for multiple symbols having the name “Fireworks” Fw png Document Library.
  3. If a symbols has 4 states of Up, Down, Over, Over while down, all the states were visible in the FXG file previewed in Fc. Now the default is that only the “Up” state is visible
  4. FXG files now have font family name written in them. Earlier it was always defaulting to font faily specified in Flash Catalyst (Arial). In case there are multiple text runs in the text object, we write the font family name of the first text run only.

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