Adobe looking for feedback – User Interface for applications

“Several folks within Adobe are discussing the user interfaces for our various applications, and we’d like your feedback.

Do you use After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom? Other Adobe applications?

If so, please post your comments on this forum thread comparing your experiences with the user interfaces of these applications.

Regarding the panels, palettes, workspaces, and overall UI paradigms in these applications: What do you like? What do you hate? Do you care that the applications are different in this regard? What differences do you even notice?”

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7 Responses to Adobe looking for feedback – User Interface for applications

  1. The docking behavior on Fireworks drives me insane on a daily basis. I never, never, never,never, never, never,never, never, never want to open 17 docked palettes at once!

    It’s a real pain trying to close them all. Also, they dock in ways that aren’t useful. Get a pallete near another, and it instantly wants to dock, or go inside it. This is not fun.
    Sometimes I just want to move them around. Also, when a palette such as layers wants to dock with the main screen, making your document window smaller is completely useless as a default behavior. I always want the palettes to float.

    What would be nice is a pallete manager, where you could somehow choose and arrange a set of pallettes external of using them.

    In Fireworks, the most important pallettes for me are in order: Properties, Pages, Layers, Align, History & Optimize.

    I never use States! Surely most designers use it very sparingly, So it should not be grouped with the two most important palettes: Layers and Pages. I think this is a mistake.
    One of the major weaknesses of the palletes in FW is the default grouping. It seems to be designed by someone who actually does not use the program on a daily basis.

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  4. Ryan says:

    @ markus stockenhausen … Um, dude – save your Work Space layouts in Fireworks. I have multiple – one for laptop, one for dual displays, one for certain workflows, etc. Set them up once then forget about it. So your palette manager you want would be achieved by saving Work Spaces.

    Regarding States – I use them all the time. Great for demonstrating interactivity in prototypes. Plus if you use the Export command you can chose to export them to files. Very useful for delivering specs and prototypes.

  5. I think everything is fine in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Maybe to allow and Options Bar in Full Screen in Photoshop (to show – hide).

  6. Panel with common filters like Remove Noise, Unsharp Mask, High Pass in Photoshop?

  7. I only have experience with Lightroom, so my suggestions apply there.

    In general I’m quiet happy with the interface, except for the panels. LR should allow me to arrange the panels the way I want to. Some examples:
    – Re-order the sections in the right panel in the develop module (so I can tune LR to my post-processing flow)
    – Move panels from the left to the right panel (consolidate all panels that I need onto 1 side of the screen)
    – Detach panels so I can move them wherever I want them (even on another display) (so I can maximize the size of the image I’m editing)
    – Allow me to save the configuration of panels into profiles and allow me to easily switch between profiles.

    Thanks for taking this into consideration 🙂