Resolution for Fireworks CS5 -version 11.0.1 update fail

If you are one of the many who are reporting the Adobe Fireworks CS5 update is giving you problems, please try the following. Currently the below recommendation is only for MAC users.

  1. Launch Extension Manager CS5 and check if the AIR Export Extension is uninstalled on your machine
  2. If so please re-install this extension /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS5/Preinstall/REMOVED/AIR Export using Extension Manager CS5
  3. Try updating the patch again.

This should install the update successfully. If you still run into issues, leave a comment and I will have someone investigate it.



Initial investigations have revealed that Fireworks files have changed since the CS5 was released on user machines. We are investigating which update or any other app has unintentionally affected it.

If possible, we request a install of Fireworks on the same installed version which is expected to bring the app back to a base state and then apply the patch.Share on Facebook

37 Responses to Resolution for Fireworks CS5 -version 11.0.1 update fail

  1. Andrew T says:

    This resolution does not work. Still unable to update even after re-installing the extension.

  2. Jeff Johnson says:

    This does not work for me either. After running the update, I get the message:

    Fireworks CS5 11.0.1 Update
    One of the following products has been moved or deleted improperly: Adobe Fireworks CS5, Adobe Fireworks CS5. Please launch or reinstall the applications to update the location and try again. To remove the product from the system, please uninstall product using the aliases under “/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers”. Error Code: U44M1P29

    • Jeff Johnson says:

      Also, the preview button in the Add Comment field doesn’t work. I’m in Safari.

  3. Haluk says:

    Does not work for me either.

  4. Stephen says:

    Extension Manager calls it Adobe AIR Extension for Fireworks and shows it as installed and enabled. Double-clicking AIR Export.mxp causes EM to ask duplicate name conflict, replace?
    Uninstalled, tried update, failed. Re-installed, tried update, failed.

  5. Jenn says:

    Air Export 2.0.7 was already installed; re-installed from …/REMOVED/Air Export using Extension Manager CS5; AF CS5 1update still failing; Adobe Support Advisor still blank and saying nothing wrong

  6. Shubhashri says:

    Can you please share the install logs from this locatio /library/logs/adobe/installers/adobe fireworks cs5 11.0.1 .log.This can help us know the cause of failure.

  7. Ponyboy says:

    This resolution does not work. Updating Air before running the update via Adobe Application Manager also does not work. The working resolution for this is to download the manual installer of the 11.0.1 patch and run it manually — and since Adobe refuses to use the proper package format for Mac updates, I will be installing this manually across quite a few systems rather than pushing out a .pkg via Apple Remote Desktop. Please consider platform-specific standards, particularly if your products are to be managed properly across large installation bases.

  8. Ponyboy says:

    The failing Fireworks 11.0.1 updater (when run via Adobe Application Manager) DOES NOT create a log file in /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers … Verified on two systems.

  9. Ponyboy says:

    Adobe should pull the Fireworks 11.0.1 update from being distributed via Adobe Application Manager until they can determine what the difference is between this version and the one that works (the standalone patch).

  10. Jay says:

    I agree with Ponyboy. I only usually manually update my applications, but when Application Manager pops up telling me to update Fireworks I assume it’s a-ok. I haven’t tried the solution and from the responses I don’t plan to – pull the annoying update or fix it!

  11. Drew says:

    Fireworks update doesn’t work. (Also Acrobat Pro updater hasn’t worked for a year). Followed above advice. Running fully updated Mac OS. Adobe you’re making go doolally! I love FW but random crashes… font issues… Really poor! And it’s been like this ever since you bought Macromedia! Pull your socks up.

  12. Kenn says:

    Add me to the list of folks with this issue. Did the work around for Air to no avail. This isn’t the first time my updates didn’t work as intended. Starting to thing I made the wrong decision forking out over $1800 for this software. For that cost, I expect this stuff to just work.

  13. bob says:

    yep it is a dodgy update, I have a log file and it states:

    “Exit Code: 20 – install source path does not exist”

    but the manual update from here:

    works fine.

  14. P says:

    this update is also not working for me…

    Fireworks CS5 11.0.1 Update
    There was an error installing this update. Please quit and try again later.

  15. Ryan says:

    Hi Sarthak –
    I tried your suggestion above and the install still did not work. I went ahead and disabled all my FW extensions just in case they were causing issues. The install did not work after that either.

    I dl’ed the Adobe Support Advisor tool and have a ticket number if that will help.

    Also – I work across the street from the Adobe office in Seattle – so if I can be of any assistance on how to resolve this please let me know. I think they only work on InDesign there but who knows…

    Thanks for your help in troubleshooting this!

  16. Still not working neither for me.
    What’s next?

  17. I have the same problem on a MacPro. OS X 10.6.7

    Installer just fails with ” Fireworks CS5 11.0.1 Update
    There was an error installing this update. Please quit and try again later.”

    I have the AIR extension enabled and also done a permissions repair. Still same result.


  18. Patrick Cullinane says:

    I was having trouble as well telling me to try again but I downloaded the manual update from here and everything worked fine…. 😉

    Macbook Pro 2010 – 10.6.7

  19. João Lopes says:

    After following the steps in the begginig of this thread I still couldn’t update FW from the Adobe Application Manager.

    Then I downloaded the manual update and Bazinga!!! Done!

    I’m running MAC OSX 10.6.7 and the current FW version after the update is

    Hope this help you guys

  20. Joe K. says:

    I was having trouble with the Application Manager and tried to update five or more times.
    The manual update didn’t work either at first. But after closing all other Adobe Programs, esp. PS and Bridge, the update was done well.
    Sadly this wasn’t the first time an updater failed. Come on, guys, I know you can do better! I love your software and hope to stay so!

  21. Matt Mitchell says:

    yet another failure in a long list of mistakes

    it’s pathetic.

    you should all be fired.

  22. I agree with Matt. Jeezus! What is happening at Adobe?

    How many platforms didn’t you test it on?

    God, I miss Macromedia.

  23. Mirek E says:

    The aforementioned fix did not help. Thanks for looking into it Sarthak.

  24. Andrew Wright says:

    What’s the procedure for manually updating? I downloaded the patch, but it still goes through AAM to run the update with the end result being the error(s) above. Catch-22?

    A folder called Payloads in addition to the patch app is included in the .DMG (Mac). Should I look in there. Seems to be patches for various languages.

    or Can I disable AAM altogether? Can this be done without consequence?

    Maybe you guys there @ Adobe should stop trying to fix dog-of-an-app FLASH and try fixing your other applications?

    Just a suggestion.

  25. Sarthak Singhal says:


    The updater has been pulled down temporarily. Apologies from the team.
    We will have the updater back up in some time after resolving the installation issues. The actual updater content will remain same in the new update.


  26. Herrbutzie says:

    Why can’t Adobe ever make updaters that work, Since they can’t do it in house, maybe they should hire the programmers at Apple to write updaters for them. This has been an ongoing issue at Adobe for years. At least when Macromedia owned FW & DW, their updaters worked

  27. Keith says:

    @Andrew Yes, you can disable the AAM updater without consequence. I’ve deleted it both from my system Library and user Library paths. UNFORTUNATELY, Adobe, in its infinite wisdom, assumes that I went through all those steps for no good reason and puts both plists back in my startup agents. Annoying as hell. It’s bad enough there isn’t an option to disable the updater from launching every blessed time I start my machine, but it’s just adding insult to injury to actually put the @#(*@ thing back every time I remove it.


    My next step is to create null files in the directory and take away all write permissions. I hate poorly written software.

  28. Tak says:

    Fireworks is an invaluable program for web designers. I’ve been a user since it’s early days at Macromedia. Since moved to Adobe, your team has fumbled one thing after another and most recently the UPDATE TO IMPROVE STABILITY… you see the irony right? Im to the point where Im wondering if paying for the application (and not being paid as a QA tester) is at all cost effective and maybe this is your plan adobe? I see a lot of people thanking you for looking into the issue and and being generally nice. I’m not one of them. Get your shit together.

  29. Chris says:

    Fireworks is horrible. If you have to rely on fireworks to create sites, you are in the wrong business. But I would like the updater to either work or be taken out of the updater. Very annoying to see it.

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      @Chris The updater has been temporarily removed, so that we can fix all the issues plaguing with its installation. We are hopeful of putting it back online soon.


    • Jon says:

      Chris, do you understand what Fireworks does? It’s for designing websites, not “creating” them. Maybe that’s where you’re having problems. When I was a noob I confused the two as well.

  30. Dale says:

    Still waiting on this issue to be resolved. Can we get an update. If the update is broken, why does the installer keep trying to update fireworks? Can I get on some email list that lets us know when the update should work?

  31. Shubhashri says:


    Can you please share log files and screen shot of the error.
    1. mac: /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers/Adobe Fireworks CS5 11.0.1 .log.gz

    2. win XP: :\Program Files\CommonFiles\Adobe\Installers\Adobe Fireworks CS5 11.0.1 .log.gz

    3. win vista/7: :\Program Files (x86)\CommonFiles\Adobe\Installers\Adobe Fireworks CS5 11.0.1 .log.gz

  32. Dale says:

    I have the files you asked for, how can I get them to you?

  33. dbbls says:

    If you will cast your attentions to the exceeding long line of critical vulnerabilities for all adobe products and the continuous release of security patches required for them, and that these vulnerabilites always effect EVERY previous version of the products, might I suggest to you that they have neither the abilities nor inclination to properly fix or address their bandaid s/w architectures. At this point it is just take the money and run. Given the poor organization of thier development, documentation and attempts to fix user problems, with near useless error messages, it may be time to start examining other methodologies than “fanboy-up” a dying technology.