Resolution for Fireworks CS5 -version 11.0.1 update fail

If you are one of the many who are reporting the Adobe Fireworks CS5 update is giving you problems, please try the following. Currently the below recommendation is only for MAC users.

  1. Launch Extension Manager CS5 and check if the AIR Export Extension is uninstalled on your machine
  2. If so please re-install this extension /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS5/Preinstall/REMOVED/AIR Export using Extension Manager CS5
  3. Try updating the patch again.

This should install the update successfully. If you still run into issues, leave a comment and I will have someone investigate it.



Initial investigations have revealed that Fireworks files have changed since the CS5 was released on user machines. We are investigating which update or any other app has unintentionally affected it.

If possible, we request a install of Fireworks on the same installed version which is expected to bring the app back to a base state and then apply the patch.Share on Facebook