Fireworks CS6 new feature list

Fireworks CS6 has been released a few weeks back and hopefully you all have explored the feature list. There are times when some of the lesser known items are not shared or tend to loose out against the big things engineered.

Below is a categorized list of things which I feel need a mention. This list has been contributed heavily by the engineering  folks specially Priyanka. Thanks amigos.

Big Features

  1. CSS Properties extraction: This feature helps you easily translate Fireworks design elements to CSS.
  2. jQuery Mobile Theme Skinning : This feature helps you customize and export jQuery Mobile themes along with the icons.
  3. CSS Sprites: You can export individual slices on the page as CSS Sprites, that generates a single sprite image along with the CSS Style sheet.


  1. Performance: On 64-bit Windows machines, Fireworks can now access more than 2GB of memory.
  2. Performance: “Out Of Memory” issues that was encountered when the GDI objects count hit 10000 has been resolved.
  3. Performance: Property Inspector on Mac is more responsive.
  4. Extension usability on Mac has been stabilized.


  1. Option to save file as *.fw.png.
  2. Quickly Switch Fill Options: The drop-down menu for Fill types has been replaced with button for each fill type that makes it easier to switch between the fill types.
  3. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Separate opacity control for Fill and stroke options.
  4. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Numeric input fields for angles of gradient handle in the gradient dialog.
  5. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Numeric input fields for opacity/gradient nodes in the gradient dialog.
  6. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Ability to browse through the color stops using “Control + Arrow” keys.
  7. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Multiple gradient previews have been replaced with a single preview.
  8. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Numeric input fields for angle in the pattern dialog.
  9. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Size of the preview in the Pattern dialog is bigger.
  10. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Color swatch has been updated in the color picker dialog.
  11. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Ability to copy  RGBA/HEX color values from the Color Picker dialog.
  12. Crop tool has an option to lock constrain proportion in PI.
  13. Tooltip is shown on File import.


Workflow Improvements:

  1. Symbol Improvements: Creation of symbols with the option “Save to Common Library” selected, retains the symbol on canvas.
  2. Symbol Improvements: A refresh button has been included in the “Document” library panel that updates on canvas, the selected button in the panel.
  3. Symbol Improvements: Imported symbols can be updated from the Document library panel using the refresh button mentioned above or using Update Symbol option in the flyout menu option.
  4. Symbol Improvements: Exporting a slice present inside a nested symbol does not scale the exported slice.
  5. Styles: Styles are saved in the selected style library and in the current document library.
  6. Styles: Switching between the documents retains the last selected library in the panel.
  7. RGBA/HEX color values can be copied using the eye-dropper tool.
  8. Layers: Layers panel has been updated with new thumbnail icons for different Fireworks objects.
  9. Layers: Reordering of layers/sub-layers in the Layers panel on Mac.
  10. Layers: “Share Layer to Pages” option is enabled for all the pages.(Earlier it was available only from the page that the layer is shared)
  11. Pages can be dragged to the top of the pages panel.
  12. Default PNG 32 option is available in the Optimize panel.
  13. “Group as Mask” option is available in the context menu.
  14. Path Panel improvements
    1. Dialogs which appeared in the center of applications now appear in panel itself
    2. Path panel option now appears in Window>Path.(earlier, Window>Others>Path)
  15. Export area tool bug has been fixed.(The preview of the image appears at the center of the preview dialog)
  16. New APIs have been included.

Asset updates:

  1. Common Library
  2. Templates
  3. Styles
  4. Textures
  5. Patterns

Feature Deprecation:

  1. Removal of redundant information from the document title bar.
  2. Deprecated features:
    1. AIR export
    2. Flex skinning
    3. Create slideshow
    4. Device central
    5. Share my screen

There are plans of sharing more details on some them mentioned above in future through blog posts. If you would like to know more about something, write a comment below and I will write that first.Share on Facebook

9 Responses to Fireworks CS6 new feature list

  1. Papaweb says:

    I’d like to see th new dark interface in Fireworks !
    I hope in next release !

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  3. Rob says:

    I was really excited to try out FW6 on my Mac. After nearly a month of day to day usage, I am appalled by the shoddy performance of this application.

    On a new install of Lion, with everything updated, Fireworks runs terribly. I was a beta tester of Macromedia Fireworks 0.8 and have been using this software fulltime since then. It is my observation that FW6 is the buggiest version to date.

    Some of the recurring issues I have experienced are:

    – Frequent app lockups, requiring restarts.
    – The entire screen sometimes turns completely white while I select colors from the tool menu.
    – Text jumping around within its textbox
    – Frequent memory leaks
    – Does not play nice at all with Mac OS Spaces, (rrrrr)
    – Feels even less like a Mac app then before.

    Maybe us users could hold a bake sale in the hopes of raising enough money to help Adobe test its software properly. When tiny companies like Bohemian Software and the Pixelmator team can produce better quality software then behemoths like Adobe you know that the corporate machine has lost touch.

  4. Keith says:


    I’m not seeing these issues here, perhaps it’s an issue only affecting a subset of people. Or perhaps a preference file/extension corruption. Most FW users on the web are eager to support the (tiny) Fireworks development team with useful engagement, feedback and using the official support channel. Lets continue that productive approach here.

  5. al says:

    I must say I am very disappointed about the last versions. Your add promises a fast and responsive gui, which is just the opposite. Times are over where 3 splash screens is the whole mockup for a website. A program should be reliable even if you have hundreds of states and nested symbols. How usefull is a document library with 100 items if there is no search functionality? You should actively hire users for testing. do surveys. include users in feature-deciscioning. Organize live-chats. Read blogs. Don’t delete critical posts. Don’t put crappy code-generating stuff in fireworks. it dishonours both designers and coders. the future needs damn good software. fireworks is still the best, but why not put some more effort in it. even when photoshops gives you more cash,there will be a major shift in the next 5 years. Screendesigners evolved.

  6. Mai says:

    I switched from PS5 to using FW5 last year. It was buggy and didn’t have any easy way to apply gradients to strokes. So I went back to PS and Ai. I hoped that CS6 would be better.
    Not so. This version (for win 64) as it stands, is buggy, slow and freezes often or just can’t cope and gives errors. Too many to list here and I won’t spend my time to be your tester for free.
    If that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at the crappy documentation. It talks about stuff that has been deprecated in this version!
    I mean come on, don’t you people test or proof read anything?
    Back to PS and AI for me. Good thing I noticed these on the trial version. Goes without saying that I won’t be buying it.

  7. Obi says:

    Features Deprecation:
    Create Slideshow: Now that it is removed from CS6, how do we create a slideshow? Somebody in the forums commented that one can copy from CS4, so which files to copy to make the slide show in CS6?


  8. Bill says:

    Now that they have removed the slideshow feature, they just lost a sale for all of our campus labs, the slideshow feature was a mainstay for getting the program for our students to publish things on the web easily!

  9. bob says:

    When importing symbols from Illustrator CS6 to Fireworks CS6 they don’t show up. They are the standard symbols found in the Illustrator library. It occurs not with all symbols.
    This can be a problem when exporting and using the new sprites option in FW.
    Please send some feedback.