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Auto Save in Fireworks CS3, CS4

I have seen that users of Fireworks are running into issues where the design job is lost while saving the file. I admit to this begin a huge frustration for the users and we will work on to better it. Till that time a useful utility is present at the following web address which can save the png file automatically for you.

Download Link 

This is an AIR application which will save your work automatically. It will not update the original png file but will create a folder FWAIRBackup where the auto saved png file will be placed. The extension will successfully work in versions CS3 and CS4 of Fireworks. The only requirement is that AIR run time needs to be installed which can be downloaded from

Further details of the extension can be obtained from the first link. Any other doubts or queries post them right away.

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Probable Text woes and their resolution in Fireworks CS4

Below are some of the scenarios with respect to text shifting on the canvas. The user lands in a situation similar to one shown below from all the 4 scenarios.

Text and the bounding box mis-alignment
  1. Scenario: Selecting/de-selecting the text object and trying to move it on the canvas using keyboard arrow keys.
    Problem description: The text within a textbox in Fireworks CS4 on a Mac will move within the textbox and even move out of the textbox if you select and deselect the textbox multiple times while moving the textbox with the keyboard arrow keys each time.
    Temporary workaround: When ever you see a text image going out of sync with its bounding box, just re-adjust the text or double click inside the bounding box. This will make the text object to correct itself.
  2. The above scenario can be seen visually from the video. The video has been provided by

  3. Scenario: Trying to align text elements using mouse either against other objects present on the canvas or a guide, using the cues from smart guides.
    Problem description: When ever we have grids enabled and we try to align a text element against other objects on the canvas using the cue from smart guides, sometimes the text bounding box shifts away from the text image on releasing the mouse.
    It seems this shift in the bounding box is happening when the bounding box tends to snap to the nearest grid pixel and we release the mouse at half pixel less.
    Temporary workaround: Try to align text elements with the following settings turned off. (i)View->Grid->Snap to Grid and (ii)View->Smart Guides->Snap to Smart Guides
  4. Scenario: Range Kerning/Kerning value in CS3 is not the same in CS4.
    Problem description: Range Kerning value applied in CS3 does not give the same appearance when opened in CS4 and updated. The look of the text block totally changes and we need to manually enter the new value to get back the desired effect.
    Temporary workaround: Range Kerning control present in the UI has now been changed to Tracking in FWCS4. Tracking control works the same way as that present in apps such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. To apply tracking, a range of characters has to be selected first, unlike kerning control wherein, just keeping the cursor between 2 characters we could apply kerning.
    For a value of Kerning applied in CS3, if we set approximately 10 times the value of Tracking in CS4, we can get similar looking text element. Ex: if the Kerning value which was set in CS3 for a text element was 10, then around 100 could be the Tracking value which we will have to set in CS4 so that we can get similar looking result.
  5. Scenario: 2 pixel shift in text glyphs when we change area/frame text to point text and vice a versa.
    Problem description: When we change the area text (drawn by click dragging on the canvas using the text tool such that we get an area bounding box) into a point text (drawn by just click once on the canvas using text tool) by double clicking the top right handle or vice-versa, we can see that there is a 2-px shift in glyphs on the canvas.
    In ATE, bounding box of a point text is different than the area text. The area text has a small gap between the glyphs and the bounding box, thus currently when we do such a change; there is a slight shift of the glyphs either upwards or downwards depending upon the point or area text change done.
    Temporary workaround: Create either an area text or point text depending upon your requirement and don’t shift or change from one type to the other. Note that when you convert area text to point text, the glyphs shift 2 px downwards and when we convert a point text into an area text, glyphs shift 2 px upwards.
  6. Scenario: Trying to 9-slice scale a custom symbol or common library element, sometimes the text jumps away.
    Problem description: When we try to apply 9slice scaling on common library element such as a button etc, sometimes the text jumps away from its location. 9-slice scaling when applied to a text bounding box changes it to an area text if it’s a point text which makes the glyphs to shift 2 px from their original location. Moreover in situations where in 9-slice scaling is used to scale the button element, after some point the text tends to break away from its original location.
    Temporary workaround: If a symbol or custom component has text contained inside, then make sure that the text object is placed well inside the 9-slice guides and they are not overlapping. More importantly, make sure that the text element is an area text box (if it’s not then convert it by dragging the lower right corner of the bounding box) and not a point text box.

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Fireworks CS4 release issues…

Thank you all the designers for upgrading to Fireworks CS4 version.

I have been reading about some stability issues with this Fireworks release which seems to be crashing or generating unexpected behavior at different work flows. I would request all the designers to be a little more patient and post some of the work flows here so that we can investigate them deeper.

We would be really happy to hear from you to make Fireworks a better product. Please try to provide me with as much information as possible like the steps involved, which platform you are designing on. In case it is possible to share the fireworks png file, it will be even better.

If you don’t feel comfortable posting all these details here, you can mail me. Or you could post a message so that I can contact you offline. Any way of communication works for me till I am able to solve your problem.

Thanks once again for using Fireworks!

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Fireworks CS4 Bug fixes – Part 2

Bug fixes part 2 lists some more issues which have been ironed out in Fireworks CS4 release.

  1. When objects are present in sub layers and the canvas image is resized, the sub layer objects do not get resized.
  2. & character is now allowed in Symbol Properties dialog.
  3. Layer in FW created in a PSD have the blend mode set to Pass Through now instead of Normal.
  4. Exporting the slice from contextual menu was causing a hang of Fw.
  5. Text with PS effects had a bigger bounding box. Now it is fixed.
  6. Text object which had multiple attribute settings when copy pasted did not preserve the attributes when pasted. Now pasting the text object preserves the same.

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Fireworks CS4 Bug fixes – Part 1

Apart from the workflow features in Fireworks CS4 there have been some bug fixes which seem important from a designers perspective. Below mentioned are 7 bug fixes which stand out amongst the other fixes.

  1. When pages in the png file are linked and then renamed, the links had to be updated manually. This updation of links now happens automatically in Fireworks CS4 on page renaming.
  2. If an invisibile layer or object was selected, the visibility was getting turned on automatically. This has now been taken care, where the visibility doesnot toggle automatically.
  3. A restriction has been added to disallow the presence of special characters in page names. An alert message is displayed now.
  4. Images copied from a web browser and pasted as a mask was broken in Fireworks CS3. Version CS4 has rectified the issue to make it work once again.
  5. While scaling a vector or on some other occassions, a stray pixel used to crop up on the canvas. This stray 1 pixel has been taken care of now with the CS4 version.
  6. When a web object aka slice/hotspot is cut and pasted, it now pastes in the selected web layer/sub web layer.  CS3 pasted in the lowest layer hierarchy irrespective of the layer selection.
  7. The "Select Unused Items" in the document library now works across multiple pages. In Fireworks CS3 it was limited to the current page.

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