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Adobe Shadow!

Designing for mobiles? Deployment issues? Previewing Problems!

Adobe Shadow may be able to help solve your problems. Find a preview of the new technology at Adobe Labs.

“This version of Shadow focuses primarily on the following:

  • Device pairing
  • Synchronized browsing and refreshing in sync with your computer
  • Perform remote inspection and debugging so you can see HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes instantly on your device.”

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Make the web awesome – move it forward

If you are interested in making the web experience for yourself awesome, here is an effort which outlines how you can contribute back to the web. Be it as simple as just talking about it or to the core of contributing back to it in the form of hard core code writing or putting it under some stress by testing it.

If you want your web experience to be awesome, just engage with it in some form and get involved.

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Adobe Fireworks CS5 patch re-posted


New Patch for Fireworks CS5 is available through Adobe Updater.(Help->Updates).Installer through site will be available in couple of days. Please install the update and let us know your feedback.


Please note that the Application package has not been changed from what it was in older update( the application version also remains the same ( the update shows version  as 11.0.2 though internally it is same as 11.0.1.

 UPDATE: The above mentioned new update for Fireworks CS5 (11.0.2) has been posted in as well.Please download the update from on Facebook

Interact with BrowserLab team now!

Stop by for a Hi to the BrowserLab team on their newly launched team blog. Bruce is the product manager for this cross browser compatibility tests for web designers and developers. He loves hearing feedback directly from the customers and also makes sure they are heard internally.

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Submit code for cookbooks and win Tshirts

“For the entire month of November, EVERY person who contributes a code recipe to the one of the Cookbooks above will receive an ADC branded t-shirt. If you contribute two recipes in that time frame, yes, you will receive two shirts!”

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Migration to wordpress

The blog is being moved from MT to wordpress.

If you have subscribed to this blog as RSS feeds, you might get a few new entries reported in your rss reader. This is just the migration which might make some older entries appear as new ones.

The migration is expected to happen in near future.

If you see any broken links, please leave a comment on any post and I will have that fixed.

Cheers to WordPress 3.0!

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Runtime Launch- Developer Enablement eSeminars

You’re invited: free webinars (June 22-24)- Going Multi-Screen with the Flash Platform


With the final releases of Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 are just around the corner, we’d like to invite you to a series of free webinars introducing  the new multi-screen development capabilities of the Flash Platform. You will discover the exciting new features of Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 and learn the best practices from leading industry experts on how to create and optimize web content, video, and applications across desktop and mobile. To register, visit


Tuesday, June 22, 9AM – 10AM Pacific Time

Best practices in optimizing web content for Flash Player 10.1


Tuesday, June 22, 1PM – 2PM Pacific Time

 The quickest way to build cross-platform apps with AIR 2


Wednesday, June 23, 9AM – 10AM Pacific Time

Rich Internet App development with Flash Builder 4 for Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2


Thursday, June 24 9AM – 10AM Pacific Time

Multi-screen web content development with Flash Pro CS5

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Fireworks CS4 Patch is live now

Adobe Fireworks team is pleased to announce the release of Patch 2 which is a Macintosh only patch. The patch can be downloaded from or will be detected automatically via the Adobe Update Manager.

The automatic patch can be triggered via the menu item of Help->Updates. This will install the patch for users in a automatic mode instead of downloading the patch via the above mentioned url and then a manual click to install it.

The patch is expected to fix the “crash on exit” on exit for Snow Leopard. Apart from this bug there are many other stability related fixes which should make Fireworks CS4 a much stable app now.

The random crashes and vanishing of applications while designing should not be encountered anymore.

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Get notified of CS5 trials

We can notify you via email when the Trials for CS5 are ready if you’d like.

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Adobe Fireworks CS5 launched

All Fireworks users out there! An announcement to be made about the upcoming release of Adobe Fireworks CS5.

This release of Fireworks is an acknowledgement from Adobe to all the users after hearing their problems from CS4 and earlier versions. The request made over the years in our database have been looked at and the usability issues restricting users to be more effective and efficient.

Look at the official product page at for more details about the release and high level engineering efforts.

I personally am very excited to work on this release of Fireworks once again. Would love to hear your feedback on this release.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering CS5, check these links:
Fireworks CS5:
Web Premium CS5:
Master Collection CS5:

For more details and future announcements keep a watch for the official team blog at

Don’t forget, there is a patch also coming for Fireworks CS4 related top issues. Feel free to post comments here related to Fireworks CS5 only.

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