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US based designer?

Are you a US based designer?

There is a contest run by Government whose details can be found at Sunlight Labs. Be sure to read out the rules as it is restricted to US citizens only.

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New blog dedicated for Design and Web future

Would you like to hear about the innovations or thought process happening at Adobe?

Are you a designer or developer who would like to get more from Adobe? We are also looking for feedback from you on these areas.

To address these issues, a new blog has been launched named "Design and Web" by 2 Sr Directors at Adobe. Subscribe to the posts and comments and let us know your feedback on the various questions posted there.

It is more of a conversation ground where we would like to hear more on the issues you face and how can Adobe help you in getting efficient and take up more or new projects.

Do check the latest posts about mobile/multi screen developments and HTML5 + CSS support thinking happening inside! There are videos which will help you instantly get an understanding and then help us with some feedback.

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Fireworks CS4 new update – work in progress

Adobe Fireworks CS4 always crashing on quit?

We have acknowledged this issue in the past after release of Snow Leopard. There is work in progress for a new update for Fireworks CS4. There has been one patch released some time back which would have fixed many text alignment issues for you. Once this patch has been applied, the Fireworks CS4 version would read

If you have not applied this patch, please download it via Adobe Fireworks support site. The product manager for Adobe Fireworks has released an official entry at the team blog announcing the work for a new update.

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PS is now 20 yrs old

Look back the timeline 20 years back when the first version of Ps was announced. In the past years we have seen the word Photoshop grow from a technical term to a mass awareness English word.

Watch the timeline reliving the past at

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Adobe Online Creative Festival

Are you a creative professional? Would you be interested in participating in a fun event from the comfort of your house?

Adobe is hosting an online creative festival and the details for it can be found at Be there to meet other creative professionals and witness how they engage with ideas.

Adobe experts will also be present to answer your queries.

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AIR 1.5.3 released

Adobe released AIR 1.5.3 to the public late yesterday. This is a minor update that includes security fixes, an updated version of Flash Player, bug fixes and important changes related to how certificates work in AIR. For more details, please see the following links:

Official AIR Team blog announcement:

AIR 1.5.3 Developer Release Notes:


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Snow Leopard update 10.6.2 recommended for Fireworks CS4

Apple has released an update for Snow Leopard. The update version is 10.6.2 and is a recommended update for all users of Adobe Fireworks CS4.

The random crashes seen while working in the application is expected to get fixed with this update release of Snow Leopard.

Once the update has been successfully installed, and there are some issues faced while working in the application, this forum is open for all of you to send in their feedback for the team to better investigate the root causes.

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Fireworks and Snow Leopard compatibility

There has been a official statement release from the product manager of Fireworks, Bruce Bowman. The statement has been made live at Fireworks team blog at

He talks about the various issue Fireworks designers are facing while using the app on Snow Leopard. The much talked about crash on exit, hang and error on launch all get a mention in the official statement.

The complete post can be read at

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Fireworks png files at Yahoo Developer Network

Yahoo Developer Network has hosted some nice assets for wireframing and other designs. These assets are Adobe Fireworks png files which are in the symbols format allowing them to be reused across multiple pages in a document.

You can copy them in the Common Library location and refresh the panel. They will be available for your design layouts or wireframes.

A screenshot of the assets is shown below:

The complete article and the files are placed at

Quite an impressive set!

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Adobe Cookbooks

The Adobe Developer Connection is excited to announce that the brand new Adobe Cookbooks application is now live!  This uber Adobe Cookbook application replaces the individual, product-specific cookbook applications that were previously in place for Flex, AIR and Mobile.  The new application will still support those technologies, in addition to a dozen or so additional technologies, all within a single application.  For those new to the cookbook applications, they are a searchable repository for community-generated code samples. 

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