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Fireworks and Snow Leopard

Are you using any version of Adobe Fireworks on the latest OS from Apple aka Snow Leopard?

If yes, then do send us your feedback, observations, bugs, weird behaviors. You could be using any prior version of Firework like CS3 or the latest release of CS4.

Let us know your experiences and we will try to resolve in case there are issues found.

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CS3 and CS4 rendering engine differences

Fireworks CS4 now utilizes a new rendering engine. Users have the option of toggling between the CS3 and CS4 vector rendering engines using the following scripts: Any object created afresh in CS4 version will utilize the new rendering engine.

A legacy file created in version prior to CS4 even when edited in CS4 version will not use the newer engine until the object is selected and the script is run on it.

  1. Download link for script to enable Fireworks CS3 vector rendering on selected objects
  2. Download link for script to enable Fireworks CS4 vector rendering on selected objects

Users can toggle as many times between the 2 options to verify the graphic appearance.

Visual Illustration: See the 1 pixel anti-aliasing added to red rectangle on right which uses CS4 rendering.

Rendering difference between CS3 and CS4
The above editable fireworks png file can be downloaded from here.

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Maze of Pages/States/Layers simplified

Fireworks had Frames and Layers to help designers manage the document they were creating. Logically, frames were the container for layers where each Frame had a separate independant set of layer hierarchy contained within it.

Fw .png file logical organization prior to CS3

The CS3 release version saw the introduction of Pages feature which added another level of abstraction on existing frames. So now each fireworks png file contained atleast 1 page, state and layer. The logical organization became such that a page was the topmost level which contained multiple frames. Each frame as earlier contained separate independant set of layer hierarchy.

Fw .png file logical organization after CS3 release

The pages feature allowed that each fireworks png file could now contain multiple pages with flexible structure as shown above. Fireworks CS4 saw just the renaming of Frames to States. The document organization remained same with a page containing multiple states. Each state in turn contained independant set of layer hierarchy.
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