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Fireworks CS4 update 10.0.3

Here is the latest new I have to share with you folks about the updater planned for Fireworks CS4 10.0.3. Below you can find the post content from Bruce Bowman, new Fireworks product manager. Watch out for the white little Adobe updater pop up in you system tray or the dock icons bouncing up and down. Once live we would love to get your feedback on it.


"There have been some recent changes in the product management team for Fireworks. Rick Jones has moved into the Fireworks Product Marketing Manager role, and I am now the Fireworks Product Manager.

It is my pleasure, as my first of what I hope will be many Fireworks blog posts, to share some really good news – we have the Fireworks CS4 10.0.3 Updater ready and we’re targeting May 6 as our go live date. Once live, it will be available via the Adobe Update Manager and on where you will also find release notes with details on the bugs that this updater fixes.

This updater fixes the most common bugs that we know about in Fireworks CS4, including numerous text shifting problems, stability issues on Mac and Windows, and bugs related to pasting text from Microsoft Office applications. The team would like to thank you for your patience as we developed this updater.

I’m very excited to get started in my new role, and look forward to interacting with you in the Fireworks community.

Bruce Bowman
Fireworks Product Manager"

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Adobe Fireworks new book!

Adobe Fireworks CS4 has a new book on the shelves. Friends of Ed from Apress publications have released a new book for beginners which sets a good understanding for designers and users exploring the capabilities of Fireworks. There are some really good case studies in the book to get you related to real world scenarios.

Below mentioned is table of contents of the book. For more details about the book, please visit site

Book cover

Summary of Contents

  • Part One: Learning Fireworks
    • Chapter 1: Welcome to Fireworks
    • Chapter 2: Fireworks and CS4 Integration
    • Chapter 3: Working with Bitmaps
    • Chapter 4: Working with Vectors
    • Chapter 5: Exporting from Fireworks to the Web
  • Part Two: Using Fireworks
    • Chapter 6: Creating Visual Effects
    • Chapter 7: The Ins and Outs of Animation
    • Chapter 8: Skinning Flex Components with Fireworks
    • Chapter 9: Creating Adobe Air Prototypes
    • Chapter 10: Fireworks Extensions
    • Chapter 11: Extending Fireworks: Developing an Effective Workflow Using Javascript and Flash
  • Part Three: Fireworks in Action
    • Chapter 12: Web Site Case Study #1: Blog
    • Chapter 13: Web Site Case Study #2: CSS Sprites
    • Chapter 14: Web Site Case Study #3: E-Commerce

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Fireworks CS4 updater- Work in progress

It’s official now! Fireworks will be releasing a patch for the CS4 release version.

"The Fireworks team is actively working on a fix for the text-shifting bug and other bugs we know are causing real pain for Fireworks CS4 users. An update will be made available when we are confident that we have corrected the problems."

Some pain points getting addressed finally. Joy times ahead!

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Pages panel explored

Pages panel is an important panel since it provides a way to quickly access multiple pages in the Fireworks png file. It also allows for various manipulations in the document related to pages.

Pages Panel Explored
  1. A Fireworks png file can contain a master page. The presence is not mandatory. All the objects present in in the master page are visible in all the other pages under a special "Master Page Layer" layer. This layer is by default added on all the pages and resides at the bottom in the layer hierarchy.
  2. Quick navigation to different pages is possible using the ‘PgUp’ and ‘PgDn’ keyboard keys. The navigation is circular in nature i.e from the last page a ‘PgDn’ down key press will lead you to the first page.
  3. Each page in the document contains an independent set of States and Layers.
  4. Multiple pages can be selected using the Shift/Ctrl on Win and Shift/Cmd on Mac
  5. Once multiple pages are selected, they can be deleted from the delete shortcut icon present in the panel as shown above.
  6. Optimize settings for the multiple selected pages can be changed at once by changing the Optimize panel settings.
  7. New pages get added just below the currently selected page in the pages panel.
  8. When a page is dragged and dropped on the New Page icon, the page gets duplicated and added just below the selected page
  9. The thumbnail size of the page in the panel can be selected from one of the predefined 5 options.
  10. An existing child page can be promoted to being a master and an existing master page can be converted in to a child page.
  11. The Link icon shown above is used for inheriting master page attributes like canvas color, canvas size, optimize settings when they get changed.
  12. Right click functionality has been added in the panel apart from the panel menu which can be accessed from the icon on right top location.
  13. The page numbers before the page name are a visual indication of the number of page and does not get included when the file is exported.
  14. When a page is duplicated, the new page gets appended with "copy’ string.

Use Case:

Master page functionality is really helpful when creating the navigation system which needs to be present on all pages. It might be a problem when the different pages are of variable heights where the footer in present will need to on individual page. The master page objects and its placement on other child pages cannot be changed. It can be modified only from master page and inherited by all child pages.

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Kuler service in Fireworks CS4

Kuler is another service which has been added in Fireworks CS4. Kuler is a color palette sharing mechanism amongst the community of designers. The kuler panel can be accessed from Windows->Extensions->Kuler menu item.

The Browse tab within the panel allows users to search for the right palette. When the search results are populated with color palettes, an triangle icon next to it brings up a menu as shown below. The theme can be edited within the Kuler panel which will bring you to the Create tab.

Kuler panel Browse tab


You can also select a palette and add them to the Swatches panel in Fireworks through "Add to Swatches Panel" menu. This will add the palette of 5 colors at the end of all color entries in Swatches panel in Fireworks.

The Create tab as already mentioned allows for the editing of searched themes. The below image has 2 icons highlighted which communicate directly to Fireworks. The yellow highlighted icon numbered 1 sets the current stroke color of Fireworks as the Base color. The blue highlighted icon does the same operation but for fill color. If stroke or fill has transparent set to them as the color, a dialog will warn the the user to choose only solid colors. Same warning dialog appears when the user tries to work with gradients and other non solid color values.

Kuler panel Create tab


Other workflows are if the fill or stroke field is selected in Tool palette, double clicking on any color in the 5 squares will set that color to the selection in Tools palette.

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“Share My Screen” service in Fireworks CS4

Creative Suite 4 has a number of services included for different products. Fireworks CS4 introduced three of them namely

  1. Share My Screen aka Acrobat Connect
  2. Kuler
  3. Search For Help

The Share My Screen service is good for any application where the design right on the canvas of the application can be shared online. The sharing happens securely over https protocol and can be viewed by only those whom you wish to invite. The service requires you to have an Adobe ID which can be created free from

The dialog can be accessed from "File->Share My Screen". Once logged in the browser window opens which for some of you might install a flash plug-in needed to run this service. Once all the installations are done, a dialog box opens with URL address which has to be sent to people to view your canvas.

Share My Screen dialog

Then click on the "Share My Computer Screen…" button which has opened in browser. Some plug-in might be needed again which will finally lead to a screen with options of "Share" and "Cancel" After that you can return to any application like Fireworks whose canvas you would like to share with viewing participants.

When the participant joins a message will pop up requesting your confirmation to allow the user to view. Explore all the other options for chat, file share and have a good time collaborating using this feature. Free users can share it with 2 people and beyond that the subscription has to be purchased.

Mac or Win, it should work!

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Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 5 of 5

The last post in the series for Fireworks CS4 feature. Part 5 of 5 for the features of Fireworks CS4.

  1. Support for Illustrator file while opening/importing which contain Multiple Art boards in it.
  2. Contextual menus for Pages, Layers and States panel
  3. Preferences panel has been aligned with other Suite applications
  4. Support for 4 byte characters in panel names, page names, objects etc.
  5. 9 Slice scaling for nested symbols

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Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 4 of 5

Part 4 of 5 for the features of Fireworks CS4.

  1. Skinning of flex components which can be used in Flex as CSS behavior. It can be accessed via Commands->Flex Skinning
  2. Demo Current Document. Accessible from Commands->Demo Current Document
  3. Panel changes: Double byte support in the custom panels.
  4. Measure Tool
  5. Asynchronous Saving.

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Adobe Fireworks CS4 AIR update

Adobe Fireworks has an AIR 1.5 update.

"This update for Fireworks CS4 supports the release of Adobe AIR 1.5, the Adobe cross-operating system runtime that allows you to deliver personal, interactive experiences to the desktop. The update is available in both English and Japanese. Fireworks CS4 adds the capability for users to create and share the design and functionality of an AIR application before effort is spent on coding."

There are some User Interface changes to the AIR panel making it consistent with other Adobe applications. There has also been some logical grouping of fields in the user interface allowing for a cleaner and easy to follow workflow. The updates can be downloaded from

New AIR panel

The updates are for English, Japanese languages only and will have to be manually installed. The update will not be detected automatically by Fireworks CS4 when running and automatic installation also. Any other areas will not get affected with this update.

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Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 3 of 5

Part 3 of 5 for the features of Fireworks CS4.

  1. Tooltips for objects with the dimensions. This can be accessed via View->Tool tips
  2. 9 slice scaling for primitive rectangle.
  3. The gradients and patterns movement on the canvas is not live.
  4. Region based Screenshot Tool has been added for Windows. It can be accessed via Commands->Take Screenshot

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