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Adobe CS5.5 launch in Mumbai

Official launch of Adobe Cs5.5 suite in Mumbai on June 02, 2011. See more details of the launch theme at

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Fireworks CS5.1 Part 4: FXG changes


Working with FXG files export from Fireworks and running into issues specially around symbols? Following are the changes done for Fireworks CS5.1 release

  1. Empty text was leading to FXG not getting generated. Now the exception has been handled and similar issue fixed for CSS and Images also
  2. Better naming of symbols when exported as FXG.
    • When symbol names have special characters in it like “$”, a new name written in .fxg file is “sym” for better usability
    1. Incase there are multiple symbols in your Document Library with same name (e.g Fireworks), then the FXG “Definition name” tag will now be written as <symbolName_number> e.g:  names is like “Fireworks”, Fireworks_1” for multiple symbols having the name “Fireworks” Fw png Document Library.
  3. If a symbols has 4 states of Up, Down, Over, Over while down, all the states were visible in the FXG file previewed in Fc. Now the default is that only the “Up” state is visible
  4. FXG files now have font family name written in them. Earlier it was always defaulting to font faily specified in Flash Catalyst (Arial). In case there are multiple text runs in the text object, we write the font family name of the first text run only.

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Dreamweaver CS5.5 features engineered

Whats new in Dreamweaver CS5.5?

Scott Fegette (Dreamweaver Product Manager ) gives a good insight into what is new in Dreamweaver CS5.5 at Loads of features and functionalities which does not appear as a “dot” 5 release. Feature packed release with following

  • CSS3 and HTML5 authoring
  • jQuery code hints
  • jQuery mobile support
  • PhoneGap integration to build native applications for mobile devices

Thats not the end of list, there are many more features which have been engineered. The help is also live at

I will be doing a series of entries on what is new in Dw CS5.5 soon. Till then follow the Fw CS5.1 series already live.Share on Facebook

Fireworks CS5.1 Part 2: Recover files on crash


Fireworks CS5 had showcased this feature but had to be pulled in the last moments due to stability issues. Engineers worked on the feature where the png file when crashed, can be recovered and the user will be prompted to recover it the next time Fireworks launches.


On the next launch of Fireworks, it will alert that the files have been recovered. There are cases when the recovered file will need to be re-saved to ensure some smaller things like previews which are not saved when recovering the file.



I remembered one crash where Fireworks CS5 used to crash on editing a symbol which had an empty name. This crash is also fixed along with the other crashes fixed for Fw CS5.1 release.


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Fireworks CS5.1 Part 1: Crashes fixed

This is part 1 of the series which goes diving into the different engineering efforts done for Fireworks CS5.1 release. Takashi Morifusa (Fireworks product manager) listed the complete set of changes on the team blog.

There are several crashes which have been fixed for Fw CS5.1 release. The major buckets under which crashes have been fixed are:

  • PS Live Effects area
  • Vector tool
  • Layer naming, editing in multiple pages
  • undo/redo name change
  • Find and replace
  • Saving file
  • Opening legacy Fireworks 8 file
  • Win API related change for 64bit

How do we know crashes in these areas?

Adobe Crash reporter pops up when a crash is encountered. Some of the users report the crash which send us the call stack of the crashing function. This helps the engineers debug the actual function and fix it.

We request all customers to submit all the crash reports. We consciously spare engineering time on fixing crash buckets for every release and Crash reporter helps us in identifying the crashes which are most commonly encountered by you all.

Some users are generous in including their email address and writing in comments which has helped us immensely in the past in reproducing the issue internally and then fixing them at the grass root level. We have worked with a few users like this in the past.

Some files when opened were leading to a crash, which has been fixed now. I personally remember working with a few customers who send in the Fireworks png files and helped us nail down the issue.

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Adobe CS5.5 introduces subscription for software

The release of CS5.5 brings out interesting pricing offerings to Adobe customers. Instead of paying upfront the huge cost which cannot be managed by freelancers or college grads, they can just buy it for a month and continue as they use. Almost suites can be purchased via this new means including almost all individual applications.

You can find more details about the subscription offerings at The following video nicely summarizes the details of buying the subscription and managing it in just under 4 minutes:

For detailed questions, please see the subscriptions FAQ on Here is one customer showcase benefiting from this model.Share on Facebook