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Adobe Fireworks CS5 patch re-posted


New Patch for Fireworks CS5 is available through Adobe Updater.(Help->Updates).Installer through site will be available in couple of days. Please install the update and let us know your feedback.


Please note that the Application package has not been changed from what it was in older update( the application version also remains the same ( the update shows version  as 11.0.2 though internally it is same as 11.0.1.

 UPDATE: The above mentioned new update for Fireworks CS5 (11.0.2) has been posted in as well.Please download the update from on Facebook

Fireworks CS5 update has been pulled out temporarily

The recent release of Fireworks CS5 update has been pulled out after multiple user reports of it not getting successfully installed. The Fireworks engineering team is investigating the root cause and identifying how to make it smooth sail the next time. Looking at this situation, the update has been temporarily been turned off from auto update or the manual download of patch from Once the issue is resolved and we have identified with the issue, we will release it again. If you would like to help us in testing in real world scenarios at your machines, just send me a note below and we can work with you. On behalf of the entire team at Adobe, I personally apologize for all the pain this update has caused for your valuable time and efforts. EDIT: The contents of the patch will not be changed and all the bug fixes will remain as-is. The only change will be packaging and delivery mechanism of the update. So people who have been able to successfully install the older patch need not worry when the new patch comes out. UPDATE: The update is back online and can be independently downloaded from the Fireworks support page at adobe.comShare on Facebook

Fireworks CS5.1 Part 3: PNG 8bit color banding fixes

The file size and transparency channel of PNG 8 bit has brought back the focus on this file format. Designs and assets for multi screen and mobile devices have just added to the spotlight on this format.

Adobe Fireworks CS5.1 release has made some algorithmic changes to the  way color optimization is handled. Also the change handles situation where the GIF format was not adequately filling in the colors in the palette.

Please find a “Before” and “After” graphic showing the banding improvements made in CS5.1 version on the Fireworks team blog.Share on Facebook

Fw or Ps effects mapping flexibility

Fireworks CS5 allows for better importing of psd files.

There is one small feature which is overlooked by many people that the effects in the psd file can be converted to native Fireworks effects or matained as Ps effects. In both the cases the attributes for these affects can be edited individually and independentaly.

How to map the effects while the import/open of psd.

Goto Preferences and check the following option shown:

Once the preferences have been edited, open the psd file with the following custom option in the import/open dialog:

Once this done, ex: a drop shadow with PS effects will be converted to drop shadow of Fireworks. There could be a rendering difference and depends on the designer to use the best of both worlds.

This is a feature which is not engineered for CS5 but exists from version CS4 onwards.Share on Facebook

Ask a CS Pro recordings

There have been a series of "Ask a CS Pro" series where the Creative Suite team members have answered a lot of user queries and helped them under the CS5 release better.

If you missed this opportunity, you can view the recording at your leisure times. Till date there have been 3 sessions done. White, Jason Levine and Greg Rewis) (
Terry White, Jason Levine and Greg Rewis) (
Dave Basulto  on Premier Pro CS5)

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Fw CS5- state name changes

There is a small change in how States are automatically named when exported. This will also lead to some changes when slices are exported in the different states.

The changes in beahvior from Fireworks CS4 to CS5 have been documented in a technote at this URL. It also gives a detail in how one can ensure to have the same behavior as in Fireworks CS4.

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Download CS5 Issues?

Are you facing downloading issues with CS5 from uses Akamai Download Manager to download the trial versions of software. There are some reports of users running into issues while downloading from the same website.

A Technote has been released which guides users to overcome the download issues which can be found at A more detailed FAQ page can be found at

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CS5 Installation issues?

Are you running into installation issues for any product of Adobe’s Creative Suite 5?

The cleanup scripts to clean your machine of any previous corrupted install, partially succeeded install or any other installation issue can be solved by running the scripts from following location:

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Adobe CS5 help Issue?

If you are facing any issue with CS5 help system on your machine, this could be due to pre-release build of the help client which has stayed onto your machine.

A technote has been released at which will guide you to solve this issue. There is no need to uninstall the CS5 suite or any individual product to resolve this issue.

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Bringing Fireworks CS4 shortcuts into CS5 version

Shortcuts are a way to make a creative professional feel like a pro and also increase the efficiency manifolds. Adobe Fireworks CS5 released and you would like to bring in the shortcuts from CS4 version to CS5. Follow the below process to make that possible.

The shortcuts are xml files which are stored in correspondence to the application.


The shortcuts for Adobe Fireworks CS4 application on macintosh platform is stored in the following locations. You can copy those xml files from CS4 locations and copy them to the corresponding Fireworks CS5 locations.

  1. /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS4/<language code ex:"en">/Keyboard Shortcuts/
  2. <Adobe Fireworks CS4 app location>: Right click on the app and select "Show Package Contents". Then follow the path at Contents/Resources/<language project file ex:en.lproj>/Keyboard Shortcuts/

Generaly the default is "Web Standard.xml". You can confirm this by launching the app and looking at the menu item Fireworks->Keyboard Shortcuts. The "Current Set" field drop down menu with show the currently applied shortcuts to the app.


The shortcuts for Adobe Fireworks CS4 application on windows platform is stored in the following locations. You can copy those xml files from CS4 locations and copy them to the corresponding Fireworks CS5 locations.

Win XP

  1. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\<language folder name ex: English>\Keyboard Shortcuts\
  2. C:\Documents and Settings\<logged in username ex: sarthak>\Application Data<this is hidden folder>\Adobe\Fireworks CS4\<language folder name ex: English>\Keyboard Shortcuts\

If your operating system is in a different drive than "C:" then you will need to look in the corresponding directory location on that drive.

Win Vista/7

  1. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\<language folder name ex: English>\Keyboard Shortcuts\
  2. C:\Users\<logged in username ex: sarthak>\AppData<this is hidden folder>\Roaming\Adobe\Fireworks CS4\<language folder name ex: English>\Keyboard Shortcuts\

If you have a 64 bit machine/OS, you will have to replace "Program Files" with "Program Files(x86)" to find the correct location of xml files.

Use the same set of customized shortcuts of Fireworks CS4 into CS5 and feel at home. You can go ahead one step more and diff the files using any freely available tool and move only the selected ones.

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