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Fireworks and Dreamweaver updates link – all versions

In case you have been looking at running updates for Fireworks and Dreamweaver older versions, the following links can help you. They are one stop place for all older version of each application. There are similar link for other Adobe products also.

The recent Adobe releases from CS4 onward (guessing) will auto notify the user of an existing update after background check from Adobe which is transparent to users.

UPDATE: Dreamweaver CS5.5 and Fireworks Cs5 have both released an update in the past one month. Go ahead and download them!Share on Facebook

Creating a mobile optimized website using Dreamweaver

A 34 minutes video showing how to use Dreamweaver to create a website optimized for mobile experience.

  1. How are you creating such websites for mobile versions?
  2. What is your workflow?
  3. Do you reuse existing assets or there is a completely new set for smaller screens?
  4. How about the layout and content handling for smaller screens?

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Dreamweaver event in Bangalore,India on Nov 27, 2010

Adobe Systems would like to invite web community to get together and share their wisdom. Also learn something about Dreamweaver and other web technology enabling tool set.

Please refer to the above graphic for details about the event and how to register for it.

Don’t forget to RSVP (email id in graphic above) and tell us more about your self. Come, let us all have fun!Share on Facebook