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Thank you all for participating in Dw event

On behalf of all the people I thank all the designers and developers who came over for a good discussion. The event was a big hit which was held on Nov 27, 2010 a big hit.

There were sessions around

  1. Dw CS5 introduction
  2. Media queries and CMS advantages
  3. BrowserLab
  4. Business Catalyst
  5. Widget Browser

All the sessions led to good insightful discussions helping us understand more of user issues and how Adobe can help iron out issues making their workflow more efficient. I was a little unhappy with people who had confirmed and did not turn up.

I am sure they missed something which would have helped them grow their business. One user quoted “After the last session we got more than 40% of our projects in html also”. It was wonderful to hear when users can grow their business leveraging the true potential of Adobe solutions.

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Dreamweaver CS5 and HTML Validator

Dreamweaver users have been reporting that the HTML Validator feature removal from CS5 release version was something they had not expected. It is a feature they have been used to while their development process.

The feature was removed from the product but it can be brought back into Dw CS5 version by installing this extension from exchange. Once installed, the extension will make the feature in CS5 as it was working in version CS4.

FEEDBACK APPEAL: If there is something that you would like to see improved in the current HTML validator, the comments section below is awaiting for you.Share on Facebook