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Fireworks gradient extension panel

Grant Hinkson had created a gradients panel which is currently being used by many folks. It allows for:

  • Hand tweaking the offset position
  • Zooming in on the color node to define it accurately

You can download the panel here on Facebook

Grids extension for Fireworks

Are you looking for custom grid sections? Fireworks extension guru John Dunning has this fabulous extension created for all grid lovers looking for all sizes and dimensions.

Grids extension by John Dunning

Grids extension by John Dunning

Get the extension here: on Facebook

Annotations panel for Fireworks CS5

David Hogue and Mariano Ferrario have build an Annotations panel for Fireworks CS5. The extension can be downloaded as a free lite version and full paid ($1.99)version form their website.

“The annotations panel is an easy to use command panel that helps you increase the efficiency of annotating wireframes (adding notes) within your Fireworks document (CS5 Only).

The panel allows you to add numeric bubbles to your document and associate a corresponding message with each annotation. The annotation panel then allows you to export your document along with all of your annotations in multiple file formats.”

It is an extension which is sure to increase your efficiency. This also exposes the powerful extensibility layer embedded within Fireworks app.

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Fireworks png files at Yahoo Developer Network

Yahoo Developer Network has hosted some nice assets for wireframing and other designs. These assets are Adobe Fireworks png files which are in the symbols format allowing them to be reused across multiple pages in a document.

You can copy them in the Common Library location and refresh the panel. They will be available for your design layouts or wireframes.

A screenshot of the assets is shown below:

The complete article and the files are placed at

Quite an impressive set!

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Browser cursor assets for Fireworks CS3,CS4

There is a new extension by Eugene which gives you a set of pre-built cursors for web. The use cases might be huge for web designers and eases them from building it from scratch for them.

The extension is available at Adobe Fireworks Exchange

Once the extension is installed the assets will become visible in the Common Library folder where all other pre-built assets for Adobe Fireworks are shipped.

Download the extension, install it and save some time by not creating these icons.

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iPhone app designing extension for Fireworks

A new extension has been posted on the Fireworks exchange. It targets the buzz of mobile space i.e iPhone.

Designers can now create application designs and prototypes for the iPhone. The extensions allows you to preview your designed app in a iPhone simulator which is AIR based. The transition effects which are the trademark of the mobile device are also built in the extension and can be applied to the designs.

Be sure to read the pdf document which comes along with the extension to understand the usage and functionality. The extension can be downloaded from here.

iPhone extension for Fireworks

Kudos to Mayur Mundada for creating one more cool extension for Fireworks. The extension will work for CS4 with AIR 1.5 update.

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Copy Pase layer structure now!

Facing problems while copy pasting layers and the layer structure not being respected.

Now worries now! Just use the extension created by Mayur

Download Link

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Fireworks – Past, Present and Vision

Different logos of past Fireworks versions

In the days of Macromedia, Fireworks was a tiny niche, but popular application preferred by people for its flexibility while dealing with bitmap and vector objects. That is still a very big advantage for the application but the journey for it is being defined freshly to find a more strategic spot in the creative suite of products.

CS3 was the first version under the flagship of Adobe brand for Fireworks. The tag of “Rapidly prototype and Design for the web” was well received by the designers and other consumers of the application. The application started gaining importance for Interaction Designers, Information Architects for various activities from Wireframes to Website prototypes.

The journey does not end here and gives Fireworks unique opportunities at different stages. CS4 release projected a stronger Suite Integration story for the application apart from making website prototypes easier to create and maintain. Fireworks seems to be the tool for any design which has to be put on the web.

Exciting times lay ahead with Adobe focusing on this application. It fits well in the portfolio for Web Designers where Adobe is gaining strength. Making itself as the first choice tool for Web Designers, free lance designers, Interaction designers, Experience engineers will not be an easy task but Adobe is fully committed to this vision.Being a design application, the focus stays on refining the existing design-centric workflows, creating new ones to keep the application abreast with the technology advances around it.

An interesting opportunity lies in the area of Interaction design where a click through mockup of an application or website or even a workflow is needed. Fireworks has the feature set which makes it a natural choice for designers of that portfolio. Adobe will continue to invest in that area by promoting Fireworks as the right tool for these designers.

Fireworks has been a tool preferred by freelancers and designers but there are some bottlenecks when using the application in their design process. The commitment is there to streamline that process and go the extra mile of reaching the stage where the design can be handed over to developers in case of website or web applications. For freelancers, they can just spit out standards-compliant CSS from Fireworks itself and tweak it.

Vastly improved support for CSS was a major effort in CS4 release and the feedback has been very positive on that front as well. Let us all get excited and anticipate for the exciting times that lay ahead for Fireworks with Adobe brand fully committed to it.

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CS4 Text woes workaround

Users facing the text bounding box issue can breathe a sign of relief as there is a workaround for that problem. As a temporary solution is through an extension which will correct all text objects whose blue colored bounding box has been shifted in the document.

Important Note:

  1. Running this script will correct the bounding boxes for all text objects in the document affected by this bug. This correction is limited for that png file edit session only. The bug may be encountered again during future file edits where the extension script will need to be executed again.

  2. Any CS3 text element if present inside a Group ONLY will get re-rendered on running this script. After installing this extension, you can access this script from Commands menu–>Re-sync Text

  3. This extension will not touch any text elements containing missing fonts. The missing fonts dialog pops up when opening a png file which contains fonts not found on the system.

Thus there is no need to worry about CS3 text and missing text getting re-rendered unnecessarily on using this Extension.

Re-sync Text Bounding Box is a simple Extension which will go through each and every text element present in a png document (be it inside a page or a layer or a state) and re-align its bounding box.


The following is the screen shot of a file which got affected by this problem.

Text bounding box issue

After running the extension script mentioned in the above link, the following is the state of text objects.

Text issue resolved

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Extending Fireworks CS4 document live

Adobe Fireworks CS4 extending document is live with the new document containing all the changes in the API for the product. The same document is also available as a pdf file which can be saved on you local disk for referring to it while you are disconnected.

Extending Fireworks CS4 web page

Web Help Link

Downloading PDF Link

Utilize the power of JavaScript interpreter built into Fireworks to enhance your productivity. To give you some examples, many panels have been built entirely using this technique. Some of them are Path, Align, Export to AIR panels.

Explore the power within the application.

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