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Auto Save in Fireworks CS3, CS4

I have seen that users of Fireworks are running into issues where the design job is lost while saving the file. I admit to this begin a huge frustration for the users and we will work on to better it. Till that time a useful utility is present at the following web address which can save the png file automatically for you.

Download LinkĀ 

This is an AIR application which will save your work automatically. It will not update the original png file but will create a folder FWAIRBackup where the auto saved png file will be placed. The extension will successfully work in versions CS3 and CS4 of Fireworks. The only requirement is that AIR run time needs to be installed which can be downloaded from

Further details of the extension can be obtained from the first link. Any other doubts or queries post them right away.

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2 new Fireworks articles at Adobe Dev Center

Two new articles have been posted at Fireworks Developer Center on The actual links for the articles are mentioned below. For people new to this location, it houses articles, extensions which range from traditional usage of Fireworks to extending the functionality to its limits. Explore the following new articles apart from the old ones which are a good read.

Lorem Ipsum placeholder text generator for Fireworks

Workspace Manager panel in Fireworks CS4

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Fireworks Extensions and articles

I have written some utility extensions for Fireworks which can all be accessed by clicking here.

Also I have written a couple of articles on Fireworks DevCenter. One of them is related to 9 slice functionality emphasizing on the tool itself which can be read here.

In case you need some extensions to be written or would like to discuss about a new one, I am open for a discussion.
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