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Blank panels in Fireworks?

If you are running into issues with some panels appearing blank on start, please refer to the KB article published at are couple of browser plugins which are conflicting with Fireworks and leading to blank panels.

Feedback is always welcome with more real world scenarios for us to investigate and fix them.Share on Facebook

Adobe Fireworks CS5 patch re-posted


New Patch for Fireworks CS5 is available through Adobe Updater.(Help->Updates).Installer through site will be available in couple of days. Please install the update and let us know your feedback.


Please note that the Application package has not been changed from what it was in older update( the application version also remains the same ( the update shows version  as 11.0.2 though internally it is same as 11.0.1.

 UPDATE: The above mentioned new update for Fireworks CS5 (11.0.2) has been posted in as well.Please download the update from on Facebook

Fireworks CS5 update has been pulled out temporarily

The recent release of Fireworks CS5 update has been pulled out after multiple user reports of it not getting successfully installed. The Fireworks engineering team is investigating the root cause and identifying how to make it smooth sail the next time. Looking at this situation, the update has been temporarily been turned off from auto update or the manual download of patch from Once the issue is resolved and we have identified with the issue, we will release it again. If you would like to help us in testing in real world scenarios at your machines, just send me a note below and we can work with you. On behalf of the entire team at Adobe, I personally apologize for all the pain this update has caused for your valuable time and efforts. EDIT: The contents of the patch will not be changed and all the bug fixes will remain as-is. The only change will be packaging and delivery mechanism of the update. So people who have been able to successfully install the older patch need not worry when the new patch comes out. UPDATE: The update is back online and can be independently downloaded from the Fireworks support page at adobe.comShare on Facebook

Resolution for Fireworks CS5 -version 11.0.1 update fail

If you are one of the many who are reporting the Adobe Fireworks CS5 update is giving you problems, please try the following. Currently the below recommendation is only for MAC users.

  1. Launch Extension Manager CS5 and check if the AIR Export Extension is uninstalled on your machine
  2. If so please re-install this extension /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS5/Preinstall/REMOVED/AIR Export using Extension Manager CS5
  3. Try updating the patch again.

This should install the update successfully. If you still run into issues, leave a comment and I will have someone investigate it.



Initial investigations have revealed that Fireworks files have changed since the CS5 was released on user machines. We are investigating which update or any other app has unintentionally affected it.

If possible, we request a install of Fireworks on the same installed version which is expected to bring the app back to a base state and then apply the patch.Share on Facebook

Update planned for Fireworks CS5

This is just to inform all the users of Adobe Fireworks CS5 that there is an update planned for its release. The update will have all the features of Fw CS5.1 and few more crashes fixed.

  • One major crash/hang trend we have seen in the recent past is when saving a file which has some bitmap objects.
  • Another crash is related to text tool

We will keep you posted on the exact dates of update release, which should be soon now!

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Annotations panel for Fireworks CS5

David Hogue and Mariano Ferrario have build an Annotations panel for Fireworks CS5. The extension can be downloaded as a free lite version and full paid ($1.99)version form their website.

“The annotations panel is an easy to use command panel that helps you increase the efficiency of annotating wireframes (adding notes) within your Fireworks document (CS5 Only).

The panel allows you to add numeric bubbles to your document and associate a corresponding message with each annotation. The annotation panel then allows you to export your document along with all of your annotations in multiple file formats.”

It is an extension which is sure to increase your efficiency. This also exposes the powerful extensibility layer embedded within Fireworks app.

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Next version of Fireworks CS5 requirements?

It has been a while since Fireworks CS5 was launched. We are trying to understand the use of the release and know your feedback.

If there are only 5 things that could be improved or enhanced in the current version, what would be your priority?  You could mention a feature request, bug fix, workflow enhancement or any other change which will make you happier than ever before.

We are listening and looking for your feedback. Please prioritize your 5 asks to help us focus better. Thanks in advance.Share on Facebook

Fireworks CS5 Ask a CS Pro session by David Hogue

David Hogue is going to present a “Ask a CS Pro” session on Fireworks CS5 for designers and developers on Wednesday, Oct 20th,  1pm PDT.

If you are new to Fireworks, just upgraded from an older version, a developer who uses it for image slicing and optimization, or a designer who uses other tools and wants to know what Fireworks is all about, join us for an interactive online discussion where we will highlight some of the new features and lesser known features of Fireworks.


David M. Hogue – Vice President of Interaction Design, Fluid, Inc., San Francisco Dave has been using Fireworks since 1999. He is an applied psychologist, interaction designer, adjunct faculty at SFSU in the Multimedia Studies Program, co-manager of the San Francisco Adobe User Group for Web Design (Fire On The Bay for Fireworks, Catalyst, and Dreamweaver) and a regular writer and speaker about interaction and experience design, design process, and Fireworks.Share on Facebook

Opening psd files in Fireworks

Many designer and users of Fireworks report of getting psd files from their team members and agencies. I feel that the best way to open a psd file in Fireworks would be via the most flexible option which also needs you to understand the basic terminology of features used by designers of Ps to create the psd file.

This is due to the reason of non availability of features like Adjustment Layers, clipping masks and more. This should not limit the other objects which can be opened into Fireworks with full editing capabilities, like the shape layers are vectors within Fw which can allow for edit in fill, stroke and other filters applied to it.

The best way, I feel to use this flexibility is to “Custom Settings from Preferences” setting from the Open/Import dialog which is brought up while interacting with a psd file.

The preference settings of what is mapped from Ps to which feature in Fw is defined via the following preference screen option. You will have to try some options to get familiarity but I feel it is also the best option.Customize the settings and see which is best option to work with your psd files in Fireworks. There is an interesting preferences related to filter mapping as well.

NOTE: If anyone is willing to share a psd file, I could show up the results via different preference settings.Share on Facebook

Fireworks – Dreamweaver session in MAX 2010

A MAX session involving Fireworks and Dreamweaver has been announced where David Hogue will take you to convert the design into CSS and HTML as a preliminary page. There will some tips and tricks on the layouting aspect as well.

Dave is a great instructor who has posted articles on Adobe Developer Center for Fireworks.Share on Facebook