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Fireworks and Dreamweaver updates link – all versions

In case you have been looking at running updates for Fireworks and Dreamweaver older versions, the following links can help you. They are one stop place for all older version of each application. There are similar link for other Adobe products also.

The recent Adobe releases from CS4 onward (guessing) will auto notify the user of an existing update after background check from Adobe which is transparent to users.

UPDATE: Dreamweaver CS5.5 and Fireworks Cs5 have both released an update in the past one month. Go ahead and download them!Share on Facebook

Fireworks CS5 and Selection tool not working?

There was a error reported by multiple users of Fireworks CS5 on the Adobe support forums, the selection tool stops working!
This is something which I assume would be a real pain for designers specially for Fireworks since the selection is everything.

some of them investigated further and found that Spotify was somehow causing this issue. Another user reported that “Once i disabled media keys on grooveshark desktop helper the problem was fixed”

This is just a caution as we are investigating it further. I guess the apps are no longer happy to co-exist at the moment on Mac.
We have found that the issue is not limited to just CS5 version and exists in CS4 as well.


The Spotify Team released a a Preview build that incorporates Joachim’s fix and should solve this issue.

You can download it here

It worked for me and a lot of people too.

Enjoy your music inspired workflow!
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PNG-8 export color palette issues?

Are you running into the issues with color palette not using all the 256 colors when exporting as PNG -8 file format?

If yes, can you share the Fireworks PNG source files  and the export settings?Share on Facebook

Fw Crash report looked at by engineers

If you are wondering what happens to the crash reports that you send with comments, they get a look by me or other engineers on the Fireworks team.

We have to read all kind of langauge and data entered to understand what was the workflow and state of app before it crashed.

It would be really helpful if you could submit the crash reports with as much data as possible alongwith your mail IDs. Incase we need to contact you we have a mail ID where we can ask for more details like screen recording to know the exact reproduction steps or something similar for further information.

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Fireworks features usage poll

What appeals to you in Adobe Fireworks? Any version? Old Macromedia days or Adobe days?

It could be specific to a feature which has been introduced in CS4, CS3, or the old days. It could be a workflow which makes you come back to the application, like Batch processing, slicing technique or something else.

I am gathering this data for knowing which feature/workflow of Fireworks is being used by designers. This is to gauge and help if something has been worked upon and could increase the efficiency of designers.

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A simple roll over behavior

Adobe Fireworks
has always allowed designers to do some developers’ job without any code writing. A simple example of such a scenario is the creation of roll over behaviors.

Such behaviors are exported in the html from Fireworks which are Java script based. The current web trends make this possible through CSS but remember Fireworks is a graphic design application and is used for rapidly prototype for the web and creating quick experience related mock ups.


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Select behind placed objects

Objects can be placed behind some other objects and visually are hidden. They are accessible only from the layers panel. User do various workarounds like cut the object and then make edit and finally paste it back on the canvas. Another option is to turn off the visibility of object but this can be difficult when the file houses many layers and objects nested with in it.

In the following video, I showcase you the presence of "Select Behind tool" which will let you select the object behind an existing one, sub-selecting it, moving it, nudging and making edits to it.


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Change canvas/image size for all pages at once

With multiple pages now in a Fireworks png file, it can difficult to re size the canvas or the image size one by one for each page. An often missed settings in the "Canvas Size" or "Image Size" dialog is the check box named aside "Current page only"
. It is shown below in the dialog.

Canvas Size- Current page only setting


By default it is checked, but the settings are remembered across multiple Fireworks sessions.A quick time saver option now known to all you Fireworks designers!

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‘Scale Attributes’ property

Scale attributes tip

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Layers panel explored

Next in the series of Panel explorations we have the "Layer" panel. It is probably one of the most used panels in the application.

The whole concept of layers is just brilliant when the document has to be organized and different applications have different ways of handling it. Photoshop being the a hugely popular one explains the need for it. In Fireworks the layers behave a bit differently. Fireworks application works at the object level meaning that any attribute which is applied to the layer like a blend mode or the opacity is actually applied to all the objects which are contained within that layer.

The above mentioned difference is huge in understanding how Fireworks handles all the objects and the layers containing them.


Layers panel explored


In the above shown panel image, I have tried to highlight some of the functionality of the panel. Apart from that the other detail features are mentioned below.

  1. The Layers panel menu can be accessed now from right click on a layer. This is the same menu list which appears on click from the icon on the top right. There is just one exception in a menu item for "Share Layer to All Pages" in the right click menu.
  2. The layers panel can contain optional master page layers if the document contains a master page. The master page layer by default sits at the bottom in the hierarchy order. The order can be changed but all the individual layers of the master page will be moved together and not independently.
  3. The master page layer are locked in child pages and cannot be renamed or unlocked from there. If the visibility is toggled, the affect is seen on all the pages containing the master page layers.
  4. When the blend mode or the opacity values are changed for a layer, it is actually applied to all the objects contained within that layer.
  5. Layers can moved around and converted from sub layers to parent layers or vice versa.
  6. The visual feedback for layer movement is when the folder icon changes color to a yellowish icon color.
  7. All web layers and master page layers are shared to all the states by default and cannot be toggled. This is represented by the film strip icon which is seen at the end of layer name. Other kind of layers can also be shared but not by default. This functionality can be toggled for the other layers
  8. Layers can also be shared across pages, which is represented by the page icon next to the layer name. Any change in the layer attribute like visibility, lock etc are reflected in all the pages where the layer is shared.
  9. The shared layer can be detached from the current layer with/without a local copy.
  10. Even web layers can be shared across pages. In the above graphic, "Web Layer" cannot be shared but layer "Web Layer 1" can be shared. sub layers cannot be shared. The top most parent has to be shared in entirety for the layer contents to be visible across pages.
  11. The last column in the panel representing a circle with a dot in it allows for the movement of selected objects from one layer to the other. In case there are no objects selected in the layer, the circle will be empty otherwise it will show a dot. Moving this dot to any other layer/sublayer will allow for the movement of selected objects onto the destination layer.

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