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Sharing a frame with Dr John Warnock

In one the recent internal events, I was lucky to share a frame with Dr John Warnock.

Sharing the frame with Dr John Warnock

Sharing the frame with Dr John Warnock

Can you identify me? (Hint: Look on the right side of frame ). Click on the image for larger preview.Share on Facebook

Back from Africa vacation

The past 2 weeks have been lean on the blog posts and community activites from my end. I had been on holiday for a tour to east Africa(mainly Tanzania and Zanzibar) and experience the safari to see Big Five.

I will be posting travelogues and photos from my vacation on my website at You can subscribe to the updates via

I am settling down after the longish break with breathtaking views and landscapes.

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Follow me on twitter

I have recently started using the services of twitter. My twitter account is This account is not limited to Fireworks but expands on my travel and photographic interests as well.
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My website…now live!

A long cherished dream is finally taking shape and I am already feeling elated with the outcome. The excitement and joyous feeling is for the launch of my website at

Apart from working at Adobe Systems in Fireworks team, I try to stay close to nature. This could be spending a long day at the botanical garden or the nearby locality park. Exploring off city limits and indulging in some travel for treks also lets me be close to Mother nature.

The travel is on multiple occasions not limited to landscape and extends to heritage sites, new city explorations and others. On all these trips and journeys I manage to capture some photos.

The captured photos let people get a glimpse of my journey and see the place through my lens. The website launched shows some of the moments which I consider as my good ones. The photographer page lists different themes under which the photos have been arranged.

Being a traveler and blogger, the site also has a blog section, which gives a detailed description of the trip experience in the form of a travelogue and the trip photos. I am hopeful that it will equip a traveler with better means to plan for their itinerary and have a great time.

Feedback, critique, comments, suggestions are all welcome.

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Blog entry using Contribute

The whole process for posting a blog to this place was a lengthy process for me. One of the colleague showed me how to use Adobe Contribute and I am posting this blog entry from within Contribute CS4.

I am feeling comfortable right away after using this application. I now regret of not having used this application before even when it is available inhouse.

That being said, I will be exploring the different options of Contribute CS4 and see how I can provide you with some video walkthroughs as well of some of the features of Fireworks.

var addthis_pub=”4a1664026710fd60″;
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Back to work now

I was on a long vacation after the Christmas holidays and joined back work on Monday. It was the first time I took such a long break from work and feel quite refreshed. The vacation took me to Dubai and the emirates of UAE. It was a beautiful experiencing the city in the midst of a desert terrain.

It is a destination I would recommend people to visit when they get an opportunity. I have shared some images below. Hope you enjoy them. With the numerous places I visited there I can now easily guide tourists visiting the city of Dubai and around.

UAE vacations shots

A bigger image gallery set can be found at

I was quite dormant during the last 3+ weeks responding to numerous comments I got and the new posts on the series of "Fireworks CS4 features". The series will be continuing till the last set gets posted. I will be more active now on this blog and hope to satisfy your requirements from Fireworks. Let us spread the Fireworks around!

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