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Auto Save in Fireworks CS3, CS4

I have seen that users of Fireworks are running into issues where the design job is lost while saving the file. I admit to this begin a huge frustration for the users and we will work on to better it. Till that time a useful utility is present at the following web address which can save the png file automatically for you.

Download LinkĀ 

This is an AIR application which will save your work automatically. It will not update the original png file but will create a folder FWAIRBackup where the auto saved png file will be placed. The extension will successfully work in versions CS3 and CS4 of Fireworks. The only requirement is that AIR run time needs to be installed which can be downloaded from

Further details of the extension can be obtained from the first link. Any other doubts or queries post them right away.

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2 new Fireworks articles at Adobe Dev Center

Two new articles have been posted at Fireworks Developer Center on The actual links for the articles are mentioned below. For people new to this location, it houses articles, extensions which range from traditional usage of Fireworks to extending the functionality to its limits. Explore the following new articles apart from the old ones which are a good read.

Lorem Ipsum placeholder text generator for Fireworks

Workspace Manager panel in Fireworks CS4

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Easter Egg? Other Fireworks engineers!

Easter egg is a hidden feature of Fireworks which is no way related to the functionality of the product. It is a flash demo which contains photos of a lot of people who are involved with the building on Fireworks over different versions. To access the feature go to menu item

  • MAC: Fireworks -> About Fireworks CS4…
  • WIN: Help -> About Fireworks…
About Us dialog

The about dialog will pop up. Now press Control on Mac or Win and a single mouse click on the FW icon. Be patient! This will pop up the faces of people who work quite hard to bring the various versions of Firework to you. I am also in one of the images. You just need to hunt me down!. This trick can be found in earlier versions of Fireworks also.

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Keyboard Shortcut Tips

Keyboard shortcuts are an important ingredient for an efficient user of an application. But different applications have their own custom set of shortcuts even if they have the similar kind of functionality.

Graphic applications like Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand have a degree of overlap in their basic functionality. It is only in their advanced features that the applications start to differ. With the overlapping functionality amongst the applications it would be really beneficial if

  1. People working in some other application might like to use the same keyboard shortcuts in Fireworks.
  2. Migrating from other graphical applications to Fireworks for its specialized features but using the other applications keyboard shortcuts for some of the same task.
  3. A user has customized the keyboard shortcuts for an old version of Fireworks and would like to migrate the those shortcuts in the newly released version of Fireworks.

All the above problems can be solved as:

  1. See the below image where you can switch between the keyboard shortcut of other applications. The keyboard shortcut dialog can be accessed from the following menu items. This will load the keyboard shortcuts of the selected application.
    • WIN: Edit-> Keyboard Shortcuts
    • MAC: Fireworks->Keyboard Shortcuts


    Keyboard Shortcut dialog
  2. The keyboard shortcut file is an xml file which is placed at the locations
    • WIN: <OS Drive>:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\English\Keyboard Shortcuts\
    • MAC: /Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS4/Adobe Fireworks CS4/Contents/Resources/<language project file e.g en.lproj>/Keyboard Shortcuts/

    The path to "Contents" can be reached by Right click on "Adobe Fireworks CS4" app and click on "Show Package Contents". Just add the xml file from some other version of Fireworks and place it at the above location and restart the application. This will add the newly dropped xml file in the menu item. Select that xml file for shortcuts to work in the new version of Fireworks. Just remember to account for the Fireworks version when looking up the file path.

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Rectangle roundness backward compatibility

Fireworks CS4 version has introduced defining the roundness of rectangles in either pixels or in percentage values. However in Fireworks CS3 the roundness could be defined only in percentage numbers.

In Fireworks CS4 if you are working with pixel values and a CS3 version file is opened, all the rectangles will loose the roundness information and have sharp corners.

To work around this just create a new rectangle and define the roundness in percentage and then open the CS3 version created fireworks png files. This will solve the issue.
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CS3 and CS4 rendering engine differences

Fireworks CS4 now utilizes a new rendering engine. Users have the option of toggling between the CS3 and CS4 vector rendering engines using the following scripts: Any object created afresh in CS4 version will utilize the new rendering engine.

A legacy file created in version prior to CS4 even when edited in CS4 version will not use the newer engine until the object is selected and the script is run on it.

  1. Download link for script to enable Fireworks CS3 vector rendering on selected objects
  2. Download link for script to enable Fireworks CS4 vector rendering on selected objects

Users can toggle as many times between the 2 options to verify the graphic appearance.

Visual Illustration: See the 1 pixel anti-aliasing added to red rectangle on right which uses CS4 rendering.

Rendering difference between CS3 and CS4
The above editable fireworks png file can be downloaded from here.

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