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Merry Christmas and happy new year 2011

Wishing you all a merry Christmas eve and an enjoyable holiday season. Have a good time with friends and family. Lets come back in 2011 and solve new challenges of web designing and development.

This is Sarthak signing off for 2010 with this last post. See ya all in 2011 now!Share on Facebook

CS3 apps crashing on launch?

Is your Adobe CS3 app crashing on launch under 10.6.3?

Adobe released a Tech Note for it at

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Import Fireworks FXG export for Flash Catalyst

A new script is posted at Adobe Labs for Fireworks which will address the request for better FXG export from Fireworks which can be consumed by Flash Catalyst.

The script can be found on from where it can be installed and functionality changes and enhancements done by the Fireworks team.

Below are copy pasted the Release notes for quick reference


  1. lineHeight for Text element was always exported as %, now its exported based on value selected in Fireworks ( % or exact)
  2. Tab indention was not correct for elements which were exported as bitmaps
  3. Exporting invisible bitmap elements caused script error
  4. Updated Rectangle primitive object to export transformation matrix and roundness value.
  5. Modified / Added Application Private Data for all elements (d:userLabel , d:type etc)
  6. Exporting effects applied on Groups and Symbols

Issues Fixed

  1. Error is thrown when FXG with Stroke for text is imported in Flash Catalyst
  2. Objects with different opacity are not imported properly to Flash Catalyst
  3. Export to FXG: TypeError: currRun.size has no properties
  4. Flash Catalyst: Unsupported elements exported as bitmaps are incorrectly positioned
  5. Text shift is seen when imported to Flash Catalyst
  6. Flash Catalyst: Importing of sublayers with different visibility is not proper
  7. Flash Catalyst: Importing a stack of symbols with different visibility is not proper
  8. FXG Export: Exporting text with numeric throws error
  9. FXG Export: Visible symbol elements are not exported
  10. Exporting test file to FXG shows a negative number
  11. Flash Catalyst: One of the rectangle in the bug file shifts when imported to FC
  12. Flash Catalyst: Rectangle roundness shows different value when imported in FC
  13. Flash Catalyst: Importing test file with text runs having a mix of attributes throws error while parsing
  14. Command doesn’t Remember the last export directory
  15. Warning is not thrown before overwriting FXG file
  16. Remove copyright notification in the FXG script
  17. Exporting a selection to FXG
  18. Text gets truncated when exported to FXG
  19. Unable to import the file to FC
  20. Export to FXG should throw warning while exporting files with missing fonts
  21. FXG export creates invalid tag names starting with a number
  22. Export to FXG encounters duplicate PNG files

Known Issues

  1. Rectangle with gradient applied is not exported correctly.
  2. Masks applied on Bitmaps appear stretched in FC
  3. Masks with unsupported properties are still exported as normal elements and not bitmaps
  4. Invisible bitmap element inside the group is not exported but the tag is exported.

Any queries, suggestions or proposals in this regard, feel free to post them at

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Fireworks designers from Brazil

I was
looking around the web for some creative tutorials for Fireworks which can be of good use for newbie to Fireworks or for people who are stuck in the same workflow for multiple versions of the application.

There is a designer site in Brazil which discusses many workflows, features of many features of Fireworks. They seem to have multiple contributing authors which gives a very good perspective of different individuals.

I dug into the articles section and there are some really neat ones which explore basic functionality which leads to some creative design output.

One of their fresh article is related to the export of PDF document directly from Fireworks which can be read here

Fireworks sure has users globally!

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Fireworks CS4 10.0.3 update – clarification

Hope fully by now you would have installed the updates which went live yesterday. In case you have not done it, we recommend users to install this patch. I have received some queries on how the patch resolves the already infected Fireworks png files.

To clarify that point, the patch will NOT automatically realign all the text objects which have their bounding box shifted or jumped. There might be huge number of png files created in pre-patch version of Fireworks CS4 with this bug. The text objects which have been infected will need to be touched by changing any of the attribute to align the text characters and its corresponding blue bounding box.

Once this operation is done on the file, the text objects will not jump around. Even after applying the patch, the infected text objects will show a jump but that will be only once and not for the subsequent text nudges or aligns. In case you still find the text jumping with newly created files in post patch Fireworks CS4 build, please raise it.

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