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Multiscreen designing using Fireworks?

Do you design for different devices (mobiles, smart phones, tablets, any other?) using Fireworks? What is the workflow you follow and what the current limitation in them? I am assuming that people are already using Fireworks for mobile designing when I look at examples like this one.

I can lead you into some question to understand your style or working and understand the limitations. The below first set of questions give an idea of the assets and their layout across different screen sizes.

  1. Do you design for only one screen size and then move onto a new screen size from ground zero?
  2. If you design for multiple screen, how do you reuse the assets? (Symbols?)
  3. In case you are designing for multiple screen sizes and the assets are being re-used, how do you layout the design depending on the screen sizes? (Nine slice scaling?)

The second set of questions will help me understand the resolution differences are handled during designing phase

  1. Desktop screen is generally set at 72dpi resolution whereas the device resolutions are far higher. How do you visualize the resolution differences when designing on a desktop for a tablet or mobile screen?
  2. Once the design is done, how do you see the end result? Emulate it on the desktop or host the  file and browse to it from the device?
  3. Which fonts do you generally use for multi screen designing? Does the desktop screen rendering give a font render

Once the designing is done and needs to be shown to the client, how does that happen?

  1. Do you look for some interactions which might help you win the deal?
  2. How do you currently explain the state change on gestures and other touch sensitive actions?

If you think I am going in a direction of my own, please feel free to correct me and explain how real world wireframing, prototyping, designing, interaction designing for different screen is done.

During the feedback it will be good to help me understand your workflow with the missing pieces you expect to be present to make your lives easy. Any suggestions on improvements in the existing feature set in this context is welcome.


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Fireworks CS5 and Selection tool not working?

There was a error reported by multiple users of Fireworks CS5 on the Adobe support forums, the selection tool stops working!
This is something which I assume would be a real pain for designers specially for Fireworks since the selection is everything.

some of them investigated further and found that Spotify was somehow causing this issue. Another user reported that “Once i disabled media keys on grooveshark desktop helper the problem was fixed”

This is just a caution as we are investigating it further. I guess the apps are no longer happy to co-exist at the moment on Mac.
We have found that the issue is not limited to just CS5 version and exists in CS4 as well.


The Spotify Team released a a Preview build that incorporates Joachim’s fix and should solve this issue.

You can download it here

It worked for me and a lot of people too.

Enjoy your music inspired workflow!
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Fireworks feedback: HTML and CSS export

Thank you for the feedback on feature requirements for Fireworks CS next version. There have been many big feature requests, enhancements and workflow improvements.

We understand it as a positive feedback as the Fireworks community believes in the team to make it an even better application with every new release. One feature which stood out from all the feedback was improvements in HTML and CSS export. Currently Fireworks is equipped to export code in a table format and Fireworks CS3 release introduced the export of CSS along with HTML.

  1. What are the specific areas you would like to see worked upon?
  2. Would you like Fireworks generating code which can be used for direct deployment to web hosts?
  3. What are your thoughts on the whole buzz of HTML5 and CSS3 code generation?
  4. Would you like to create a widget, skin it and get the CSS1/2/3 code available for use in some app like Dreamweaver

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Opening psd files in Fireworks

Many designer and users of Fireworks report of getting psd files from their team members and agencies. I feel that the best way to open a psd file in Fireworks would be via the most flexible option which also needs you to understand the basic terminology of features used by designers of Ps to create the psd file.

This is due to the reason of non availability of features like Adjustment Layers, clipping masks and more. This should not limit the other objects which can be opened into Fireworks with full editing capabilities, like the shape layers are vectors within Fw which can allow for edit in fill, stroke and other filters applied to it.

The best way, I feel to use this flexibility is to “Custom Settings from Preferences” setting from the Open/Import dialog which is brought up while interacting with a psd file.

The preference settings of what is mapped from Ps to which feature in Fw is defined via the following preference screen option. You will have to try some options to get familiarity but I feel it is also the best option.Customize the settings and see which is best option to work with your psd files in Fireworks. There is an interesting preferences related to filter mapping as well.

NOTE: If anyone is willing to share a psd file, I could show up the results via different preference settings.Share on Facebook

New blog dedicated for Design and Web future

Would you like to hear about the innovations or thought process happening at Adobe?

Are you a designer or developer who would like to get more from Adobe? We are also looking for feedback from you on these areas.

To address these issues, a new blog has been launched named "Design and Web" by 2 Sr Directors at Adobe. Subscribe to the posts and comments and let us know your feedback on the various questions posted there.

It is more of a conversation ground where we would like to hear more on the issues you face and how can Adobe help you in getting efficient and take up more or new projects.

Do check the latest posts about mobile/multi screen developments and HTML5 + CSS support thinking happening inside! There are videos which will help you instantly get an understanding and then help us with some feedback.

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Are you a mobile website developer?

There are more mobile devices than the combination of computers and automobiles in combination. The phones are getting smarter and their capabilities are increasing.

This has led to businesses making their web sites optimized for mobile screen sizes. We would like to know are you a mobile web site developer? If yes

  1. What is the workflow you are following?
  2. What are the bottlenecks you face while developing, deploying, previewing or testing the web site in devices?
  3. What are the pain points in your workflow which can be addressed?
  4. What are your expectation from a solution?

Adobe is looking for feedback in this area exploring the possibilities. The goal may be to make you more efficient and productive.

Please write to us with as much feedback as possible. We might contact the commenting folks further to understand deep into their working style and collaborate with them.

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Fireworks png files at Yahoo Developer Network

Yahoo Developer Network has hosted some nice assets for wireframing and other designs. These assets are Adobe Fireworks png files which are in the symbols format allowing them to be reused across multiple pages in a document.

You can copy them in the Common Library location and refresh the panel. They will be available for your design layouts or wireframes.

A screenshot of the assets is shown below:

The complete article and the files are placed at

Quite an impressive set!

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Fireworks features usage poll

What appeals to you in Adobe Fireworks? Any version? Old Macromedia days or Adobe days?

It could be specific to a feature which has been introduced in CS4, CS3, or the old days. It could be a workflow which makes you come back to the application, like Batch processing, slicing technique or something else.

I am gathering this data for knowing which feature/workflow of Fireworks is being used by designers. This is to gauge and help if something has been worked upon and could increase the efficiency of designers.

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Change canvas/image size for all pages at once

With multiple pages now in a Fireworks png file, it can difficult to re size the canvas or the image size one by one for each page. An often missed settings in the "Canvas Size" or "Image Size" dialog is the check box named aside "Current page only"
. It is shown below in the dialog.

Canvas Size- Current page only setting


By default it is checked, but the settings are remembered across multiple Fireworks sessions.A quick time saver option now known to all you Fireworks designers!

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Adobe Fireworks new book!

Adobe Fireworks CS4 has a new book on the shelves. Friends of Ed from Apress publications have released a new book for beginners which sets a good understanding for designers and users exploring the capabilities of Fireworks. There are some really good case studies in the book to get you related to real world scenarios.

Below mentioned is table of contents of the book. For more details about the book, please visit site

Book cover

Summary of Contents

  • Part One: Learning Fireworks
    • Chapter 1: Welcome to Fireworks
    • Chapter 2: Fireworks and CS4 Integration
    • Chapter 3: Working with Bitmaps
    • Chapter 4: Working with Vectors
    • Chapter 5: Exporting from Fireworks to the Web
  • Part Two: Using Fireworks
    • Chapter 6: Creating Visual Effects
    • Chapter 7: The Ins and Outs of Animation
    • Chapter 8: Skinning Flex Components with Fireworks
    • Chapter 9: Creating Adobe Air Prototypes
    • Chapter 10: Fireworks Extensions
    • Chapter 11: Extending Fireworks: Developing an Effective Workflow Using Javascript and Flash
  • Part Three: Fireworks in Action
    • Chapter 12: Web Site Case Study #1: Blog
    • Chapter 13: Web Site Case Study #2: CSS Sprites
    • Chapter 14: Web Site Case Study #3: E-Commerce

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