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Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Whether shopping in person or online, people want to take a closer look before purchasing a product. For online retailers, the Zoom feature is critical. But what’s the best way to let your customers zoom? How do you provide the necessary level of detail while maximizing screen real estate and doing it all with an intuitive user interface?

Crate & Barrel

1. Pop-up window
Wine Enthusiast offers zoom in a pop-up viewer that allows shoppers to click for a larger view with even greater detail than what is initially shown in the product page.

2. Embedded viewer
Under Armour uses an embedded zoom view that fills the width of the product page, providing a much better experience than any printed catalog and most online stores.

3. Modal layer
Patagonia opts to open a modal layer in the same browser window, rather than opening a new popup window. With this approach, you don’t have to worry about popup blocking.

4. Fly over zoom
Levi Strauss & Co. uses a unique approach, allowing shoppers to drag a magnifier over the main image to display a corresponding zoomed view. This gives you the level of detail you need while still keeping the entire product in view.

5. Combo
Crate and Barrel gives shoppers a choice by providing a combination of the embedded zoom viewer with a larger modal layer zoom.

Whichever method you choose to implement on your site, remember to make sure your master image is large enough to provide the level of detail that shoppers need to make a decision. And if using a pop-up, make sure your popup view window is always significantly larger than your product view size. One thing I’ve learned that applies to nearly every company and every product – you can literally never make your image big enough for your customers… and you can never provide them too much detail.

Click here if you want to learn more about Adobe Scene7 and applying zoom to your site.

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HI mark , let me ask you a question ? how can scene 7 be used for a men bespoke clothing shop ? for example have a look at the link below can i do something like that with scene 7 ? looking for a solution for a client of mine. composing an entire suite,shirt,pants, etc… thx


Doug, I am really looking forward to reading your blog. Scene7 has proved to be a tremendous tool for my company and my end users LOVE it! Thanks and keep the great tips coming. Brit Murray, Tennessee

These are great examples and it is good to see how the technology is being used, but I do have to comment on the conversion of the noun ‘ladder’ into a verb in your introduction.

Adam – Scene7 would be an ideal complement to this site – beyond just offering zoom. You could truly enhance the customer experience by allowing consumers to visualize online their individually-designed suits in the fabric patterns they choose with photo-quality results using the Scene7 Visual Configurators solution. This solution would enable consumers to visually configure all options and variations online prior to placing their orders, as well as allow them to zoom on the fabric to see color and pattern details. With so many options and combinations of fabrics, linings and designs available, customers may not be able to imagine how their finished suit will look from just a single fabric swatch. Because customers cannot amend or return their orders, allowing them to visualize custom product orders will give them greater purchasing confidence – and higher satisfaction with the product they receive – not to mention improve their overall experience.

You can see some case studies on configurators at:


Wonderful to read!

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