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Show off Your Product From Every Angle

If you are not in a position to get a video strategy live for 2009 – what should you do? Well, there are still plenty of basics to get in place that will improve conversions. At the risk of repeating my myself, the age old adage – a picture is worth a thousand words – holds true here again. But since online shoppers want to see a product from multiple angles, or perhaps see the item in context so they can visualize how it would fit into their lifestyle, the more pictures the better. And, every image should be zoomable so people can get a closer look at the details. But how do you provide all this functionality within a cohesive, integrated interface?

Shane Co.

Here are a few options:

Shane Co.

Shane Co.'s alternative views are displayed both on the product page and in a large popup zoom viewer. This makes it very easy to see the different images and easily zoom in on all of the views.

JD Sports
JD Sports provides great alternative views on the product page. The images become the focal point of the page with embedded full screen zoom.

This site also does a nice job on the embedded only alternative views using a slider for the zoom feature. And, all alternative views are shown on clickable thumbnails rather than being triggered by a text link.

Telescope.com shows it all. Not only do shoppers get alternative views, recommended zoom views, or hotspots as we like to refer to them, all views are available through an embedded viewer or through a larger modal layer view.

I mentioned this when talking about zoom, and it applies to alternative views as well… you can never provide your customers too much visual detail.

Click here if you want to learn more about Adobe Scene7 and applying alternative views to your site.

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Any reference sites that make use of hotspotting + tool tips (i.e., rollover states with additional information)?

More on solutions to see item in context so they can visualize how it would fit into their lifestyle. Examples include bags or backpacks scale to body size/height and sun glasses on face/head shape without expanding imagery significantly.

I definitely appreciated your current thread regarding this, and I have seen a couple of more like this just lately ? the best part about yours is, it is really informative and useful and filled with good details without having lots of usless rants and BS! I?ll be sure to give this Website to some mates

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