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Click to view = Quick to buy

Since not all action happens on the product page, it is key to think about every place where visual information can be used to improve the customer experience and stimulate purchase. QuickViews or QuickLooks in the browse or category pages are great examples of providing shoppers with all the necessary product information prior to clicking to the product detail page. QuickViews don’t necessarily mean small views or views with limited information either. The best examples are ones that have complete information – nearly as comprehensive as the product detail page itself – including rich media viewing such as colors, zoom for details, alternative views, and importantly, an "add to cart" option. QuickViews should also show critical information such as pricing, sale price and special offers so there is no need for shoppers to click further except to buy.


Here are some great examples:

With an innovative modal layer "QuickShop" feature, shoppers enjoy seamless access to the same information that’s provided on product detail pages – even zoom. And the browse view still shows all color options as swatches so shoppers who don’t click on the QuickShop still know that an item is available in other colors.

This site shows you that "QuickViews" doesn’t necessarily mean small views. And not only are they offered on the browse and category pages, but also on the product detail pages on the up-sell and cross-sell items.

Click here if you want to learn more about Adobe Scene7 and applying dynamic imaging to your site.

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