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Models in Motion

Make your site come to life by using animations to show off your merchandise. Show how the material moves, how the fabric flows, and how the fashion fits in a world beyond two dimensions. In the examples below, shoppers see models walk onto a webpage, twirl and show off their garments.

David's Bridal
David's Bridal has made it their mission to make weddings spectacular and they've started with their website. The excitement of shopping for your big day is brought to life through animations presented right on the category page. Shoppers can click to watch the models twirl their bridal gowns – offering a complete 360 degree view of the dress. David’s is creating a precedent by making wedding day planning a simple click instead of an exhausting trip.

This revolutionary designer has taken "cutting edge" to the next level by bringing her designs to life online through video. Get a glimpse at a playful model as she dons Stella’s designs beautifully and flirts with the video camera (all the while tempting us mercilessly with the fabulous apparel). "Shop by Look" can be your guilty pleasure too as you watch this season’s wondrous wares come alive on the back of a winsome beauty. Once the video portion of your entertainment has ended, you may interactively click on the model to see the front, back and zoom views on any particular piece. Add items to your cart individually or pick up the entire outfit you’ve been coveting.

This cutting edge technique can be used to sell other products. It’s all based on industry standard Flash technology, already installed on over 98% of computers worldwide.

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