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Use Dynamic Imaging to Reduce Workload

What are you doing this weekend? Will you be sitting at your computer creating multiple versions and various dimensions of the same image for your website? Why not take the weekend off and have this monotonous task done for you with a dynamically driven imaging system?

Did you know that multiple derivative images (a must-have for any successful ecommerce site) can be created based on a single high-resolution image? Rather than manually creating several images­—for example, a thumbnail and an enlarged-view image—you can take a single master image, and have all modified images generated as you request them, on the fly. Most Adobe Scene7 customers begin with this basic (but effective) feature when they first start out using rich media and then slowly add more automation as they grow comfortable with the solution.

The nice thing about a feature like Dynamic Imaging is that beyond the obvious benefits, it enables you to make universal changes (almost like a “search and replace” function in a program like Microsoft Word) and quickly affect the size and formatting of an image “type” throughout your website or application. You can leverage a collection of size and formatting attributes to streamline your web production and make your job MUCH easier.

Have a look at some examples of customers who’ve had great success using Scene7’s Dynamic Imaging.

Anthropologie, an innovative specialty retailer & wholesaler, has recognized a 3X reduction in staffing & production costs after rolling out Scene7’s Dynamic Imaging solution to create and deploy all imagery and online catalogs for its e-commerce website.

Moosejaw, a multi-channel outdoor sporting goods retailer, was able to save 60% in time and cost savings by adding dynamic zoom, re-sizing and color swatching across all images on their e-commerce website. Before Scene7, Moosejaw had at least a three-step process for preparing images—which included getting an image from the supplier and creating at least 3 different sizes per color, and per product, which resulted in about 15,000 different image variations every 6 months. Because Scene7 can dynamically generate every variation from a single master image, Moosejaw was able to cut the number of images they needed to create to less than 5,000 images - netting tremendous savings across the board.


Learn more about Image Sizing and Image Presets in Adobe Scene7.

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