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December 16, 2009

Consumer Content, Customized Cards & Cross Media Publishing – Oh My!

Did you know that half of all online users today are reading or contributing to user generated content? User generated content, or UGC for short, first became popular with the introduction of photo sharing sites, which were quickly adopted as an inexpensive (even free) method by which anyone from students to soccer moms could manage, edit, store and share their photos online from any web-enabled computer. This concept soon evolved to social sharing and networking sites like MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, and Photoshop.com. Part of the attraction is the option to share publicly or privately, the access to so much free (or inexpensive storage space), and the "anywhere, anytime" experience of it all.

What's interesting however, is how user generated content has shifted from a pure entertainment platform, to a force that's actually shaping the face of eCommerce. More and more e-tailers are embracing their user community and encouraging shoppers to post pictures and opinions of their purchased merchandise. After all, consumers trust other consumers more than critics or advertisements combined. With a few well lit photos and some poignant prose on how well a product performed, consumers can make or break a product's salability in real time. Check out sites like Amazon and Backcountry to see firsthand how user generated content can really make a difference when it comes to shopping for items of interest. It takes an ordinary product page and transforms it into a vehicle for delivering greater detail, unbiased information, and visibility into product pros and cons unlike anything a manufacturer might provide.

Scene7 has been embracing this concept and developing technology to support our customers with UGC and cross media publishing. Leveraging our very own Web-to-Print solution, we created a holiday card that allows users to upload their own image, personalize their own greetings using Adobe fonts, and publish to a social sharing site, send via email, or print from a high-resolution PDF. Have fun creating your own personalized holiday greeting card. Click here to try it now!



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