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February 10, 2010

From Shoes to Shirts, Bigger is Always Better

Last week we revealed the importance of minimizing the number of clicks shoppers have to endure to get to their desired product. This week, we'd like to stress the importance of delivering a full-screen viewing experience to your customers to get them one step closer to a purchase decision. From television sets to movie screens, the trend today clearly illustrates that people want more visual stimulation. This trend is just as prevalent online. Consumers are looking for that same "larger than life" experience in their online shopping and when they don't get it, they look for it somewhere else.

In our recently conducted viewer study, entitled "What Shoppers Want", we discovered that across the board, in each age bracket and across both genders, shoppers want to be provided as much visual information in as large a viewing format as possible. People appreciate the ability to interactively zoom to deeper detail levels in order to truly examine products, and full-screen viewing with interactive zoom and pan is the preferred format because it enables even better examination of products.

One Scene7 customer that has embraced this concept "to the extreme" is Nike. Nike's website takes full-screen viewing to the nth degree, enabling eager shoppers to click on a product of interest and populate the entire screen with images of that product. Clicking to zoom reveals deeper levels of detail, and the small guide in the upper right corner of the screen enables full-screen dynamic pan and zoom, revealing the product details and delivering an incredibly realistic view that might otherwise only come from an in-store shopping experience!

Learn more about the merchandising tricks that will turn your browsers into buyers. Download the report.



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February 03, 2010

No-Click Tricks to Better Merchandising

In our recently conducted viewer study, entitled "What Shoppers Want", we were able to identify best practices for online visual merchandising that validate current eCommerce trends.

In a nutshell? Shoppers want an easy, quick way to browse--with as few clicks and as little scrolling as possible when searching for the right product. But when making a purchase (to really add to cart), all shoppers want to be provided as much visual information in as large a viewing format as possible--including interactive zoom that enables shoppers to dynamically pan and zoom to deeper levels of details. Offering fly-over, click-driven browsing combined with full-screen interactive zoom is the ideal best practice.

One Scene7 customer who does a particularly good job at following these best practices is Halfords, a leading retailer of car parts, car enhancements and bicycles operating out of the United Kingdom.

Halfords delivers detailed product descriptions complete with alternate images (front, back and sides of product). Users can click on any of the images and then by just moving their mouse curser over the main image, another image automatically "flies out" with a single level of zoom to reveal a closer look at the product -- without clicking. To take an even deeper look, users can click on the "View Larger" button to view a separate product window that delivers even greater zoom levels of detail, where users can interactively examine more and more details on any area of the image.

For more about this study, download the report.



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