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Heard at the Adobe Scene7 Customer Experience Live Event: The big picture


We held our third annual Adobe Scene7 Customer Experience Live Event last week to great success. It was well-attended, graced by the presence of customers like Staples, Nike, Old Navy and Williams-Sonoma.

I will be sharing the learnings from our featured customer presentations in the coming weeks in a blog series, but for now, I would like to reiterate the three important trends I talked about last week that are redefining the way we compute:

• Cloud + client computing;

• Social media;

• Multi-screen

With Omniture and Scene7, Adobe has become one of the largest, leading cloud computing companies in the world. One of our goals in supporting client and cloud computing is to create a consistent runtime environment for you to build great online experiences.

While the cloud answers many computing needs, some experiences may be better off running on the client desktop, and that's where Adobe AIR comes in. With AIR applications, you can get real-time alerts while interacting with your desktop content. Scene7 supports cloud and client computing. Scene7 lives in the cloud, but we've also released a Scene7 Publishing System AIR client that allows you to drag and drop desktop content right into it and push out your content to the Scene7 cloud, making your workflow seamless.

The second trend is social media, which is characterized by both chaos and opportunity. Consumers will increasingly share your content with others, as well as contribute to them. As users augment your professionally produced content with their more homegrown iterations, how will you manage your brand integrity? These Frankenstein creations could compromise your brand equity, but at the same time, you don't want to dissuade your fans from interacting with your brand. Companies like online real estate marketplace Zillow, whose self-service home listing service relies on photos uploaded by sellers, are using Scene7 to sanitize these user-uploaded images to make them more polished and consistent.

Lastly, I would urge everyone to begin pondering a multi-screen strategy. It's not too early to think about it, given the onslaught of connected devices from tablets to gaming consoles to interactive TV. Multi-screen computing is already here, and when it's in full-swing, it will come faster than many of us are anticipating. As believers in "author once, consume everywhere," we at Adobe are committed to helping our customers deliver a consistent and rich experience across all screens, exemplified by our Open Screen Project-- The industry-wide initiative that's backed by more than 70 partners in technology and media spanning the likes of Google and NBC Universal. Customers like Columbia are already well out of the gate in mobile, using Scene7 tools to re-render the content in mobile, optimized for the medium's bandwidth limitations.

Exciting days are ahead as Adobe addresses these important trends and help you stay ahead of the curve. Stay tuned.




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