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Farewell... and Thank You!

dmack2.jpgAfter more than a decade with Scene7, I have decided to take the next step in my journey and accepted a CEO position with a venture backed start-up. I would like to thank you for all your support through the years - together, we made Scene7 a core element of the eCommerce mosaic. Our team has continually innovated to help you enhance the customer experience on your sites - and you have continued to push the edge of 'the possible' with our solution in your hands.

I can honestly say Scene7 has never been stronger, providing me with great confidence for its next chapter. With the great resources of Adobe, Scene7 and our team has really thrived - dramatically expanding our solution, customer base and global footprint. In addition, Scene7 has been under the day-to-day leadership of my Scene7 co-founders for quite some time - Pete Noel and Sheila Dahlgren - so it is "business as usual" for our customers. In fact, as I sign off from "MackTalk," Pete, Sheila and their band of industry experts, will continue to provide insights, best practices and tips to help you grow your eCommerce businesses - and are re-naming this blog "ShopTalk."

As I've now spent the majority of my career working in and around eCommerce, I am excited to share that I am remaining in the industry - in fact, getting even deeper in. I'll be taking the helm for a very exciting eCommerce company back on the retail side of the aisle, and I can't wait to be a Scene7 customer. I will be sharing my destination very soon and plan to spin up a new blog about start-up life - if you'd like to keep in touch, please connect with me on Twitter:


Thanks again - and I look forward to seeing you at the eCommerce events...

Doug Mack

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All the best in your new venture Doug. Your regular blogs and insight into the world of Dynamic Imaging and Scene 7 have been a great source of information for me and I’m sure many others.


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