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Can Every e-Business Use the Visual Configurator? We think so.


You don't have to be a seller of custom goods to use the visual configurator. Yes, these online visual configuration tools are popular with businesses that offer user-designed custom goods, because they allow customers to see photorealistic images of a product as it's being configured in real-time.

But visual configurators also have compelling back-office applications that any business would find useful. For example, employees can use the configurator to personalize and order their business cards. Salespeople can use the configurator to tailor their presentations, eCatalogues, product data sheets and other selling tools. They can layer the prospect's logos on a product, enter their direct contact information, and select the appropriate content options that make their pitch more relevant and compelling. The configurator could also guide the user's content selection by stating the ideal business conditions for each option.

Retailers can use the configurator to localize their signages and in-store displays using pre-approved online marketing templates. Chain operators can protect brand integrity by providing their local stores with corporate-approved templates and assets, using the visual configurator as the online interface to specify content and promotions suitable for their local retail audience.

The scope of visual configurator's commercial application is also broad. From monogrammed wine glasses to custom-built bicycles, the visual configurator can serve up accurate renderings of how the user-designed or personalized product will appear at delivery, alleviating buyer anxieties and reducing the risk of buyer's remorse. As an engagement tool, visual configurators are also compelling; increasing numbers of manufacturers are using them to enrich their online experience and to drive foot traffic to their dealers and retail outlets. By enabling a fun and immersive design experience, visual configurators are sure to guarantee deep interaction with the product and the brand.

To learn more about the multi-faceted visual configurator, download Adobe Scene7's new white paper, Visual Configurator: The Killer App for Mass Customization.

Lastly, tell us how you're using the online visual configurator in your business.

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