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How Far "Embed" Will you Go with your Media?


Niche Modern wants to go far with all kinds of media--rich, social, earned. No wonder-- whenever the lighting designer and manufacturer gets published mentions by fans, bloggers, or trade journalists, its site traffic inevitably spikes. That's big for a small start-up like Niche Modern, which has limited marketing budget.

With an eye to courting bloggers and journalists, Niche Modern makes it easy and compelling for publishers to showcase its visually stunning lighting products.

Niche Modern provides third-party publishers with code that allows them to embed a dynamic viewing experience of its content directly on their sites. For example, Better Living Through Design embedded this Niche Modern mixed media viewer on its blog to great result.

Thus, blog visitors not only see Niche Modern's entire product image set, as intended, but they can zoom and pan on each lighting product, plus, see alternative, in-context images of the lighting wonders applied to a variety of setting, from open kitchens to intimate dining rooms. There's also a slider mechanism that users can click to see the full range of the product thumbnails.

What's great about the embed feature is it reduces the risk of bloggers mucking up the brand, as the entire Niche Modern branded experience is seamlessly lifted to a third-party site. This means Niche Modern can extend to any site the up-market positioning it has worked hard to build, ensuring their products are showcased in their best light with all the viewing tools that spur prolonged gazing, admiration and engagement.

The benefits add up quickly: The more sites that are linking to Niche Modern, the higher its search rankings will become.

The other big win of course is that businesses with few marketing dollars no longer have to pay loads of money to build awareness. Imagine how much Niche Modern would have had to spend to get the same number of people to pay attention through advertising, versus reaching them through blogs and other social media outlets.

Read more about Niche Modern.

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