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Fresh off the Press – New Mobile Consumer Survey!

A few months ago, we presented a survey that aimed to give a sense of how far along businesses are in their planning and execution of a mobile commerce strategy.

Now, we are pleased to present our first mobile consumer study, a comprehensive, first-of-its kind quantitative study that measures mobile user characteristics, behavior, preferences, satisfaction levels and other experiential factors across four key consumer categories: 1) Consumer Products/Shopping; 2) Financial Services; 3) Media & Entertainment; 4) Travel.

As the mobile user experience improves amid advances in wireless devices, growing numbers of users are migrating to the mobile channel to do everything from reading news to playing games to shopping. As a result, the mobile channel is becoming increasingly important as a key customer touchpoint.

The survey confirms some generally accepted thesis about mobile, including that most consumers prefer ad-supported mobile content to paid subscriptions (but that’s an easy extrapolation from our PC Internet experience).  But the survey does reveal some surprises, one being that users are not showing a preference for apps over the browser experience in most areas, despite the hype over apps and their reputation for delivering rich experiences. Intrigued? There are a lot more golden nuggets in this survey, including:

• When do users actually prefer an app experience over a browser experience?

• What are mobile consumers buying and spending?

• What’s the profile of an active mobile consumer by age, gender & device?

• Where are they spending their time? Which industry draws the most satisfied users?

Ultimately, we commissioned the survey with an eye to helping you gain actionable insights on how to improve the mobile user experience, as this channel continues to gain momentum in our multi-screen world. Let us know what you think.

Click here for your copy of Adobe Mobile Experience Survey: What Users Want from Media, Finance, Travel & Shopping!

P.S Keep checking this space, as we will be publishing a supplementary report on mobile shopping based on additional detailed findings derived from this study.

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