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Is your online experience ready for your mobile shoppers?

Last month, we hosted a sold-out webinar featuring Forrester Research Principal Analyst Brian Walker, and our own Sheila Dahlgren.

The response was overwhelming, as we continued to get questions and feedback from the audience days after the event. Clearly, mobile is on people’s minds these days, as this channel is triggering profound behavioral changes that have deep implications for both traditional and pure-play online retailers.

To be sure, mobile represents lots of exciting opportunities, but it’s also a difficult channel to navigate, not least because it’s a fragmented ecosystem with numerous operating systems and multitudes of devices that continue to proliferate.

This webinar is a great primer for any business that wants to start integrating mobile into their digital roadmap. It’s also a great reality check for those who are already experimenting in this space. Brian and Sheila examine use cases that have implications for how businesses can build out an effective mobile strategy. For example, a key discussion point centers on making a choice between apps versus browser-based experiences.

For the first time, we also publicly presented some powerful research derived from our mobile survey around mobile consumers’ preferences and behavior, including their preferred entry point for shopping (i.e., browser versus apps), where they’re spending their time, how much they’re spending on mobile purchases—plus, who the top shoppers and purchasers are.

If you would like to listen to a playback of the webinar, click here. We promise it will be one hour well spent.

You will learn:

  • What consumers want from their mobile experiences: Highlights from Adobe survey
  • The state of mobile commerce & today’s mobile ecosystem
  • How to get started & integrate mobile into your commerce environment
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