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February 11, 2011

Mobile Shopper Insights for 2011

There’s no question that mobile is transforming the way consumers shop and interact with brands.  Yet, optimizing the m-commerce experience is still untapped, whether in a mobile-optimized site or via an application. By incorporating PC learnings from the past 10 years with continuous measurement and testing in this new, but increasingly growing mobile channel, retailers have the opportunity to stay ahead of their shoppers’ demands.

This year, U.S. mobile commerce revenues are expected to hit $5.3 billion, up 83% from a year ago, according to Barclays Capital. To help you capitalize on this burgeoning channel, we are pleased to deliver the Adobe Scene7 Mobile Commerce Survey: Mobile Shopper Insights for 2011. This report is the second installment based on key findings from our survey of 1,200 consumers and takes a deep dive into mobile commerce from the shoppers’ perspective.

Get your copy to gain actionable insights on mobile shopping behavior and preferences, including:

  • Who are mobile shoppers?
  • What are they buying?
  • How much time and money are consumers spending on mobile shopping?
  • What features and tools are most important for them to make a mobile purchase?

P.S. – In case you missed the initial report, Adobe Mobile Experience Survey: What Users Want from Media, Finance, Travel & Shopping, that measured mobile user characteristics, behavior, preferences, satisfaction levels and other experiential factors across four key consumer categories: 1) Consumer Products/Shopping; 2) Financial Services; 3) Media & Entertainment; 4) Travel; click here for your copy.

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