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November 21, 2011

Custom apparel website, Customizo, dramatically reduces bounce rates by 95% and lifts conversion by 400% in just four weeks

Social shopping is where it’s at these days – more consumers are seeking second opinions from their social network before a purchase. But what about giving consumers a way to create and customize items together before they buy? Enter Customizo, an innovator in the custom, logoed apparel industry. Customizo offers a customer-centric online Design Studio so that anyone from individuals and affinity groups, to sports teams and large businesses, can use their logos and proprietary designs to design their own apparel and accessories. Through the Design Studio, users share creations among their group and collaboratively edit, review, vote on, and finalize a design.

Customizo uses Adobe Scene7 dynamic media solutions and Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium software to create this unique design platform and has recently seen online user engagement metrics soar. Within a month of its new website going live the company had dramatically decreased bounce rates by 95% and increased conversion rates by 400%.


“Using Scene7 to improve the way customers design, preview, and complete their orders, we saw more online conversions in just two weeks than in the 18 months on our old website with our previous, more manual, solution and processes,” explains Ryan Saunders, the President of Customizo. “Adobe has helped our business become more nimble.”

Continue reading about Customizo’s success here: www.omniture.com/go/41984


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November 14, 2011

Flash, HTML5 and Scene7

You may have recently heard the news that Adobe plans to increase its efforts on HTML5, and to focus Flash on mobile applications (packaged with AIR) and PC browsing with an emphasis on use cases not yet addressed by HTML5, including premium video and console-quality gaming; and thus, will no longer develop Flash Player for mobile web browsers. Now, you may be wondering how this will affect Adobe Scene7.

Simply, the Adobe Scene7 dynamic media delivery solutions are aligned with this strategy. The current and future roadmap investments focus on standardizing on HTML5 to deliver engaging visual experiences on mobile screens.  With the recent launch of Adobe Scene7 5.5, we added a new HTML5 SDK for developing custom viewers for zoom and spin.  We plan to continue building on this foundation to extend to other viewer types and add more visually-rich capabilities to our HTML5-based viewers.  More details about the Scene7 HTML5 SDK are available in latest Scene7 product release notice.

For more information about the Adobe Flash Player news, check out the blog post by Danny Winokur, Vice President and General Manager of Interactive Development at Adobe.

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November 09, 2011

Put your customers in the driver’s seat with customization

Henry Ford advocated his “one size fits all” strategy on Model T production when he said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”*

Eighty-nine years later, companies are embracing the idea that each customer is unique and deserves relevant, personalized experiences and product options. What’s driving this? We are living in what Forrester Research calls the Age of the Customer, where consumers are empowered with technology to obsess over their desires, and the successful companies obsess over those too. In this recent webinar, Forrester pairs up with Adobe customer - leading U.K. automobile manufacturer - Renault to discuss embracing customer obsession with customization and vivid digital experiences.  Renault even shares successful tactics of its own.

Product customization can be a powerful differentiator and represents an opportunity to deliver greater value, build loyalty and develop one-to-one customer relationships.


“Roll over, Henry Ford. Today, you can have any color you want, as long as it’s the one you want.” — James Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine II, 2000


*Source: Henry Ford and Samuel Crowther, My Life and Work, Garden City Publishing, 1922

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