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And so it begins…

Welcome to my blog. In the great traditions of blogs (sorry, there’s no sarcasm tag), this first entry won’t be about much.

Living Photoshop is a purposefully vague title; it lets me fold many different Photoshop related subjects underneath it. It many ways I live Photoshop pretty much every day, and have been doing so for a very long time now. I’m also interested in the ways others live Photoshop every day, because it’s for those people I work so hard at helping to create this beast.

I am currently co-architect of Photoshop (along with Russell Williams) and Senior Lead, but it’s been a long and interesting path getting here. I started at Adobe in 1988, if you can believe that. Straight out of college. I started in the Display PostScript group. I went and helped out on the very first version of Adobe Type Manager (if you can remember that far back), did a printer with ATM in it (had to define an OEM interface for ATM, an interesting experience), did various ports of Display PostScript (including the first 64-bit port to the Dec Alpha – cool system, sigh…), put ATM in as a font server instance in X (wow, getting esoteric there).

I still remember the day I was walking through the halls back to my office and saw the BarneyScan box on a printer in the hall. I asked someone about it, and as I walked back to my office it really struck me what it could mean. As time passed (and it eventually became Photoshop, and then was rewritten in C++), I continuously suggested how I thought getting it onto Unix, where it could compliment Display PostScript, was a really good idea. Someone must have paid attention to the young punk, because I ended up working on that first port of Adobe Photoshop 2.5 to Sun and SGI. Followed that up with a version of Adobe Illustrator, then another of Adobe Photoshop (did some really cool stuff in that one, and we had it up on a 64 processor Sparc system one afternoon just for giggles – didn’t scale all the way up, but not much would). Well, the Unix applications weren’t really going anywhere, so I ended up moving to the core Photoshop team. Been there ever since. Done many features, big and small.

The best thing about working on Photoshop is that it’s never boring. We have a great customer focused team, and we all get excited to see what people do with our product, and we all take it pretty personally when things don’t work right. I’d like to think I’ve helped instill that attitude in those that haven’t been here as long.

So there ya go.