West Coast Intro

So as long as we’re doing intros, I’m Colin, the Pacific Northwest guy.
I used to be a trainer and covered a broad range of applications in both print and web design and production. Shortly before joining Adobe, I specialized in conversion training from Quark to InDesign workflows.

I’ve been on the team for a bit over a year and have worked with Adobe in a couple capacities over the last three or more. I’ve done things like write and review Adobe Certified Expert exams (and then had to take them and am a Suites Master Instructor) and I helped educate resellers and users about just what the Creative Suite is. I tend to cover the west side of the US and seem to frequent certain large cities in California.I’m based in Seattle, love gloomy and rainy winters, and ride a Russian motorcycle & sidecar.

One Response to West Coast Intro

  1. Ryan Stewart says:

    Nice, Seattle represent. Can’t wait to see you guys’ posts.Hey Ryan;It looks like a welcome to Seattle is in order. Soon you’ll discover why so much coffee is consumed and why moss does grow on the north side of some vehicles.