Yo, Campadre!

I’m sitting here on the train to Rochester trying to figure out what voice, what feel, I want to give to my bio for this blog. “Should I,” I wondered, “use the standard blah, blah, boring author bio, or my shorter, but equally as boring speaker bio?” In the end I have decided to simply pick out a few points that I think sum me up the best and leave it at that. So here are the points in no particular order:

Point One. I’m an Italian-American female from New Jersey named Lynn Grillo. So right away you’re thinking The Sopranos, right? Well, yes and no. When I was little there was a bird-bath/Madonna statue in my grandmother’s back yard, pasta with braciola on Wednesdays and my older family members did speak with a heavy Italian accent. My mother and father both speak Italian and English, and my neighborhood was almost entirely made up of relatives. I do have the classic Italian girl look, dark hair, dark eyes, Roman nose (it’s a beaut!). But my childhood was all about lots of cousins, red-ripe tomatoes and home-made wine. Nobody shot nobody. At least nobody I knew.Point Two. I love theatre. I grew up studying dance. Ballet, tap, jazz, and even pointe. If you must know, my degree is in Performing Arts. All my life I’ve been surrounded by crazy, boisterous, wonderful theatre people. The techie computer geeks I hang out with now have some of those same qualities, but in other ways they are waaaaaay different. They can be just as fun, though. Here’s a tap dancer web site I created a million years ago. I have a pair of custom-made magenta and black tap shoes.Point Three. As a kid I had no interest in computers. This is likely because there were no computers when I was a kid. We had phones. With dials. And we had a typewriter.Point Four. I currently live near Trenton, NJ, but grew up in north Jersey. My family went on vacation every summer the last week of August. We went down the shore. In Jersey, you don’t say “I’m going to the beach.” You say, “I’m going down the shore.” You also don’t pronounce the second T in Trenton. It should sound like this: Treh-uhn. If you are not from New Jersey you can go ahead and say that other T if you’d like. Also, if you are from NJ and you say, “I’m going to the city” it would mean New York City. Unless you live south of Treh-uhn, in which case it would mean Philly.Point Five. Round-about five years ago I was recruited by Adobe Systems. Well, OK, not actually recruited. I was told about a job opening by a colleague of mine who worked there, Adam Pratt. I applied for and got the job. That means I now work with these other rascals as an Application Engineer based out of NYC. Adam and I subsequently co-authored four books and are working on several new projects now. It’s interesting how Adam and I met. It happened because of this thing called the Internet. Heard about this yet? We think it’s going to catch on. Anyway, we were subscribed to a software discussion list and found we had a lot in common. We both knew our stuff when it came to that particular software and we could both recite pretty much any line from It’s a Wonderful Life. In reality, we’re polar opposites, but we get along just swell. (A word often uttered by James Stewart.)Point Six. I have the coolest job in the world. It’s true. I meet all sorts of people, get to travel to neat places, get to use the latest and greatest Adobe software and have lots of neat electronic gadgets. It’s so totally fun. Hard, but fun. The application engineers are in constant learning mode. There is so much to remember. But I love, love, love it. I am an Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign, GoLive, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat. Hate the tests, but enjoy getting the certifications.Point Seven. I’ve saved the best for last. I have a husband of twelve years who is funny, kind, loving and talented. He’s also a paisano who doesn’t put up with anybody’s cr*p. I love that. He’s a professional sax player who runs a music company. My son just turned six and he’s the joy of his mother’s life. This little guy is the happiest fella you’d ever want to see. He’s the sweetest, smartest little kid I’ve ever known and I’m pretty chuffed that I get to be his mom. 🙂

6 Responses to Yo, Campadre!

  1. John Nack says:

    Welcome, Lynn–great intro, and great to have you aboard! I still can’t quite accept that “the city” out here refers to San Francisco, so I’m looking forward to you providing a taste of the East. :-)J.

  2. heathrowe says:

    Hello LynnNice introduction indeed :)It’s also great to read up on the ‘insiders’ of Adobe.cheersDarrell Heath

  3. Lynn, you’re usually so quiet and introverted, it’s nice to see you come out of your shell a little bit.;-)Looking forward to more posts! I’d like to hear what a typical day for you is like … it really does sound like you have the best job in the world.AM

  4. Thomas Phinney says:

    Wow, this is way more fun than the biography I posted. I’m jealous!:)Nicely done.

  5. Adam Pratt says:

    Hee haw!

  6. And to think with everything else that was going on on that train ride to Rochester, you still managed to come up with a great and lengthy intro!Nicely done my dear. Always an absolute pleasure to work with you.