New Books for InDesign and Illustrator Users

There are so many books about computers, technology, and software that it can be overwhelming to make a choice. There are some great series of books about Adobe software that you’re probably already familiar with, but there’s a new series from SAMS Publishing that has really caught my eye.

SAMS recently released Adobe InDesign CS2 @work: Projects You Can Use on the Job as part of their new @work series and I think it’s wonderful. The target audience seems to be the graphic designer without much formal production training or an office worker who creates marketing materials but doesn’t necessarily have a design background. The book is also great for students still learning the ropes of the industry.What makes this book stand out so much is its well-balanced combination of step-by-step tutorials (you can download sample files from a Web site) and background industry information. Too many computer books tell you how but skip the why. The author, Cate Indiano, gets it right in this book. It also includes a glossary that’s actually helpful and some great appendices about different printing techniques and common workflow problems.SAMS has also released Adobe Illustrator CS2 @work: Projects You Can Use on the Job in the same series. Pariah Burke does a great job covering several interesting projects with Illustrator and also provides a wealth of practical information that folks normally learn from the School of Hard Knocks.