Here’s the Scoop

I wish Illustrator had a Package feature like the one in InDesign. Wouldn’t it be great to have a menu command that collected all linked graphics and fonts for an Illustrator file? Until that day, you can do two things:

1. If this kind of functionality is important to you, let the Illustrator team know by submitting a feature request at

2. Check out third-party solutions…

Scoop seems to have disappeared from the face of this planet. Skip Scoop, proceed directly to Art Files.The first option is called Scoop from Douglas Habben at Schawk. Scoop is a series of Mac-only plug-ins that support Illustrator 8-CS2. After you install Scoop and pay the $59 registration, you can collect all necessary fonts, linked images, and even embedded images right from within Illustrator.The second option is a Mac-only application called Art Files from Code Line Communications. This $29 dollar option is a stand-alone application instead of a plug-in, but gets you basically the same results as the Scoop plug-in.I liked the fact that Scoop was accessible right inside Illustrator instead of launching a separate application, but the plug-in has gone missing from the Adobe Studio Xchange. Meanwhile, Art Files makes it easy to package several Illustrator files at the same time. There’s a 14-day demo of Art Files, so give it a whirl.

7 Responses to Here’s the Scoop

  1. Hugh Roper says:

    I prefer outlining all text and saving as an eps (which embeds all images).You could argue that converting the text to outlines makes the file uneditable. But in my opinion that is a positive result.

  2. Adam Pratt says:

    Converting text to outlines and saving as EPS is definitely an option, but have you considered a PDF workflow instead? By saving as Adobe PDF you can get the same benefits but without the compromises of outlining (fat, uneditable type). Also remember that some workflows expect native files from end-to-end.Another option is to use a package utility like this just for your own project archives. It’s common for a designer to have lots of images in a project folder that are never used in the final piece. This is an easy way to clean out the junk so you only back up the necessary files, images, and fonts.What are the rest of you doing?

  3. Jim Jordan says:

    What is the scoop on Scoop? The link does not seem to work and the term ‘scoop’ does not return any results on Studio Exchange.

  4. Adam Pratt says:

    Hmpf, Scoop seems to have disappeared. I’ve edited the original post and will post again if I ever solve the case of the missing plug-in. In the meantime, try Art Files. It does effectively the same thing and it’s half the price of Scoop!

  5. Carol Jelich says:

    All I have been doing is looking in my links window and my find fonts pulldown to see what is used and collect the files myself.I will try Art Files

  6. Doug Habben says:

    Scoop is back. The plug-ins went away for awhile because I was transferred to another position and could no longer support them. I have since left Schawk and will be offering Scoop and other Illustrator plug-ins at (at reduced prices). They should also be reappearing soon at Adobe Studio Exchange.

  7. Jon Meadowbrook says:

    You can search versiontracker or just click here to find scoop on Version Tracker for mac.This article was very helpful! Thanks