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Funky Filters for InDesign

The folks over at Rogue Sheep have released a new InDesign plug-in called Magma Effects 1.0. It’s an interesting plug-in that brings Apple’s Core Image filter effect technology to raster images in an InDesign layout. Select a raster image (or an empty frame) and choose Object > Magma Effects to open a large modal dialog that includes a real-time (depending on video card) preview.

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Adobe & Macromedia, Day 1

Day 1 has arrived and we are all very excited. Many people have visited both the Adobe and Macromedia web sites today, eager for information about what is happening with their favorite products. Upon arriving at either site, visitors will have noticed a few changes. If you are interested in the thought process behind the changes to the two web sites, please visit David Hatch’s blog where he describes the design goals for Day 1 and outlines the plans for the future of the sites. It’s a great read!

Converting Quark Documents to InDesign

Adobe InDesign can open and convert Quark XPress 3.3-4.x files all by itself, but can’t open XPress files created with newer versions such as 5, 6, or 6.5. To fill the gap, Markzware has released a new InDesign plug-in called Q2ID that does the trick.

This Mac-only plug-in kicks in when you access the File > Open command in InDesign and select an XPress file. In the examples I’ve seen, the conversions were very faithful to the original. No conversion will be 100% accurate considering the two applications have different file formats, text engines, and so on, but if a quick conversion gets you 95% of the way there you’ll be saving a ton of time!

Has anybody else out there worked with this plug-in yet?